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Jack of AllTrades® // Chapter 3: We Once Were

Hi! Welcome to Chapter 3 of JOAT, We Once Were.

There are some changes here. There's an Archive for Chapter 3 (WIP for Chapter 1 & 2). Click that link or the the progress bar on any page. I ditched page numbers for that progress bar. I was like, Who cares what page they're on, they wanna know where they are in the chapter! Let me know if you miss the numbers in our Discord.

What else? Well, besides these 51 new pages of Jack of AllTrades, we're using Tahoma font now, baby! And I've been trying to improve the site's functionality, so while I tried not to make anything too busy or annoying, you may notice some new/pretty bells and whistles around for CH3. Have fun!

Cory Allan

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