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Jack of AllTrades® // Chapter 3: We Once Were

Thanks for reading Chapter 3 of JOAT, We Once Were. Kind of a rollercoaster, right?? Good times. Except, also sad. Maybe mostly sad. I'm curious how people are interpreting it so far!

This comic is still a work of passion and continued in spite of an awful lot of time-consuming career work (I'm a Technical Writer, these days). I plan on getting Chapter 4 done by October 2022, which gives me a year and some change.

What else? Well, I guess now that I've got three chapters, you should be on the lookout for a book. Any interest? Let's talk about it. I like full color. I like bonus stuff, too. Stickers? Pins? Enamel ... earrings?? It's been so long since I've made merchandise.

Til Next Time,
Cory Allan

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