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Day 301 - A Look Back

There's more to this story. Over the next few updates I'm going to try to get you guys caught up to speed. Hope you don't mind if I back-track a little date-wise.

Thanks for reading!

Day 302 - I am Piano Man.

Happy Mother's Day guys! I hope you have a good one, and treat all your mothers with everything they need! And that's a lot! I will probably be eating brunch with my mother this afternoon, and then maybe doing other motherly stuff, IE, seeing a movie, maybe?

Hopefully you all have a good one!

Also, I know Iron Man is old news now, but I'm trying to catch you guys up! Soon you'll be all caught up and everything will be current again! Hope that's cool!

Thanks for reading--more later!

Day 303 - Most Pretentious Movie-Watcher

I wanted to add a WHOLE BUNCH MORE DIALOG to the older people talking (something like, "Now let us go and listen to smooth jazz while we sip out merlot!"), but it was more distracting than funny.

Anyway, I love watching Oscar-nominated films... and I also like rewording Yahoo! Movies Critics' reviews and using them in my comic! Ha-cha-cha!

PS. This is the 4th strip of the new style. How you guys digging it so far?

Day 304 - Like Wildfire

So, I don't want you guys to worry, this isn't a new storyline or anything. Just sommore stuff I have to catch up on.

Check out the Extras page for buttons to link to Allan, along with a facebook, stumbleupon, and myspace page (and more!).

That's all for tonight. I'm getting the hang of these new strips, IMO. I need to work on backgrounds a bit... but I think I'm getting the hang of it.

Day 305 - Please

Firstly, I apologize for the lack of backgrounds on tonight's comic, but I am exhausted. This comic is not only twice as long as most others, but I've had a very rough day.

I had some big presentations in school and they really knocked me out.

Anyway, news, I'm going to be updating the Extras section with some new fan art/guest strips very soon, so check that out if you're interested.

Also, you'll notice we made the comments expandable. Now people who don't want to read them won't be bothered by them, and anyone who wants to can just click "expand"!

Alright! More tomorrow.

Day 306 - Not Mad

Hey guys.

Not much to say.

Enjoy the strips!

Day 307 - Prom Flashbacks

You guys. This is a little unfair.

This strip was ALMOST LATE.

THURSDAYS are my ONE WEAKNESS... due to all the quality programming. I think it is inconsiderate of you guys expecting me to update ON TIME on THURSDAYS!

More news soon! Like real soon!

EDIT: Ok. News now.

You guys should remember where those shots of Izzy are from...

As I was saying earlier, Thursdays are my one true weakness (WEEKness... tee hee). We've got The Office, we've got Scrubs, we've got 30 Rock, we've got My Name is Earl, we've got Lost, we've got a lot of shows... and I watch all of them! Sometimes I have to TiVo them, because I can't watch them all in one night! I wish I could but my SCHEDULE doesn't allow it!

Anyway, this strip was literally finished 4 minutes before deadline. Be happy I like you guys so much.

So, uh, guys. Who's going to play Age of Conan with me? I've got the pre-order, I've got the client almost finished downloading, I've got the WAR MAMMOTH, I've got everything I need! I'VE GOT IT ALL! I'm in the early access thing, so I get to play 3 days before launch and tell you all how much it rocks (and it will... I promise you) on Saturday. Jesus I can't wait.

PS. Tonights strip took 30 minutes. Does it show? I think it does a little, but it's really not that bad.

That's it for now! Enjoy!

Day 308 - School is Cool!

Guys, I'm not here tonight. I'm out having a good time at prom. The comic will catch up to prom eventually.

More when I get back maybe?

AGE OF CONAN TOMORROW (or when this updates, today)!!

Day 309 - A Moment Late

Today is the 10th colored/digital strip.

It's time to make a final decision.

Go here to vote.


Guys, guys, guys.

Age of Conan.

That is all.

Day 310 - Parker Prom

Guys, I'm going to write my thoughts about Age of Conan in a review soon.

Also, more news soon.

(Vote Incentive soon, too.)

EDIT: OK guys, first thing you'll notice is the voting button has been integrated. There's a random text script below it with a few "Vote for me plz" messages below it, and you can click on that and see vote incentive and whatnot, etc. It's also on every page in the archives, so you can vote while browsing or whatever.

My thoughts on Age of Conan:

A lot of people will disagree, and it could just the my happiness talking, but Age of Conan is the best MMO I've ever played. I don't feel like I'm just saying that, either. It truly feels like one of the greats.

Why?--I'm a hack-and-slash kinda guy (you know that from earlier scripts) who likes raw blunt force over magic and spells. Not only is the combat perfect for that, but it's totally user-controlled and it keeps you on your toes.

The graphics are perfect and they haven't even integrated DX10 yet. These are the best jungle-settings I've ever seen, and even underground catacombs and cities are immense and impressive.

The character creation is perfect. Not too complicated that it takes an hour, but enough so that most people won't look exactly the same (not that you can ever see most peoples' faces in MMO's anyway). Also: there are boobs!

Wrap up this short review: Age of Conan = a game I see myself playing for more than 3 months (that means longer than any MMO since EverQuest)

More news and vote incentive will unfortunately come tomorrow. I'll catch up on it, but in short: old style is coming back Monday-Friday and there will be an announcement about what's coming on the weekends come next update.


Day 311 - Rob is Not Going


1: See the vote button? It's implemented! I don't have to type out the code anymore! I am happy.

2: Double Bonus panel tonight to make up for yesterday.

3: Old style! Lookit that! Guys, #4 is associated with #3.

4: OK, a lot of you are probably like, "Dude, wtf lol," so I will lay it down for you.

Starting next week on Sundays I will be taking donations more seriously. These donations will pay for advertising, art-supplies, and other comic-related expenses. I'm asking for 10 bucks a week cumulatively (that means if you don't donate, that's cool. Maybe someone else will?). What will all of you get for that? A 3-color strip on Saturday and a full-color strip on Sunday!

Full color!

5: You might notice a long, horizontal banner at the bottom of my page. This banner funds my hosting, "The Rampage Network." If you have a Project Wonderful account, I suggest bidding on it, because currently it's on a bunch of the sites across the Network, and it'll only grow in how many more sites it'll be on. Sounds like a good ad if you ask me.

6: Age of Conan is still fun. I'm going to invest more time on a PVP server, so if you want to play with me/us play on the Tyranny server and we can all get together (maybe make a guild maybe?)!

Alright guys! That's it for tonight.

Day 312 - Matching Colors

Darn Age of Conan and your addictiveness.

I should be studying, yet I play you to no end.

Why do you try me so, with your sharp graphics and snazzy action sequences? Do you hate me, or do you just love me too much?

I'm betting it is the latter.

It's the latter isn't it?

It's the latter.

For sure. It is.

Woah hey! We got linked to by Scott from VG Cats! Thanks Scott! Glad you enjoy the strip!

Day 313 - Scotty's Curious

Remember Scotty? I don't talk about him much, but he's still here!

Also, all you guys interesting in my Age of Conan guild, I'm working on a website for it.

That's all for tonight! 

Day 314

Day 315

Day 316

Day 317

Day 318

Allan on Feb. 14, 2008

Chigga-what? More news tomorrow.

Edit: Happy VD everyone!

Day 319

Day 320

Day 321

Day 322

Day 323

Day 324

Day 325

Day 326

Day 327

Day 328

Day 329

Day 330

Day 231 - John

Allan on Feb. 29, 2008

John's this guy I know who comes up to me, randomly speaks movie quotes, and then leaves.

HEY! It's March 1st! You know what that means! APRIL FOOLS!

Oh. That's not until April? Aw, well.

Hey, hey, hey.

Remember The 600?

Wanna be a part of that?

Now's your chance.

EDIT: I made a Guest Strip for Applied Living!

Day 332

Day 333

Day 334

Day 335

Day 337

Day 338

Day 339

Day 340

Day 341

Day 342

Day 343

Day 344

Day 345

Day 346

Day 347

Day 348

Day 349

Day 350

Day 251 - The Beach 6

Allan on March 21, 2008


This storyline sure is taking a while.

Day 252 - The Beach 7 (Finale)

Allan on March 22, 2008

We talked for hours and hours about stuff that had to do with us!


Wasn't that fun?

Day 253 - Rock You (Like a Hurricane*)

Allan on March 24, 2008


Back to hand lettering the strips for now! Also, I used a different pen. I know, it's thicker and darker and that's yucky so I probably won't use it again!


Sean P's making AHAB again.

Day 254 - St. Patrick's Day

Allan on March 24, 2008

Yes, I'm aware this strip is late…

(Homepage, duh)




Day 255 - Easter Brunch

Allan on March 26, 2008

Easter Brunch was good… which I will talk about in tomorrow's strip.

Uh, czech this out.

Day 256 - The Day After (Easter)

Allan on March 27, 2008

You know, there is no pin-point day I can remember when I started this autobio a year ago, except for the Easter Strip.

I remember when it was Easter last year, and I remember making a strip about it, and that is how I know it has been over a year since I've started this strip.

It feels good.

Did I mention these have gone back to being hand-lettered? Sorry if I forgot to mention that. I'm mentioning it now, though.


Day 257 - A Hypothetical... RIDE

Allan on March 28, 2008

The title of today's strip is a rewrite of one of Scrubs' jokes, where Dr. Cox says he'll help JD as long as he doesn't use the term “An emotion roller coaster.”

…so JD says, “Fine, it just feels like I'm on an emotional… ride of some sort…!”

God I miss Scrubs. I hear they might be making an 8th season on ABC. That way, ABC will have 2 good shows!

Anyway, more comics mo' prawlems. SRSLY. I'm out. 

PS. Check out MM, I've been spending time actually drawing things and I'd like some opinions. Click here for the awesome.

Day 258 - Age of Barbarians

Allan on March 29, 2008

Man oh man am I looking forward to that game.

More news later!

Note: That is not meant to be Conan from the Conan the Barbarian series, just a barbarian in general. I guess. I don't know.

Day 259 - Alpha Dave

Allan on March 31, 2008


So, this is Dave. From Applied Living. He threatened me with murder, so I was forced to put him in here. Here's Dave.

In other news, I'm looking for anyone to help me out over at the homepage. I need people to transcribe comics! If anyone can help, just maybe go through a couple strips in the archive and transcribe them. Here's the link to the homepage, the button is under every strip, and it says “Transcribe this comic!”

Thanks guys!

PS. This was a double update. Check forward.

Day 260 - Talking Doesn't Help

Sorry for the late update, I was up all night drawing this little thingamajig right here, and you can check it out right now by just CLICKING ON IT.

In other news: Nothing! When I have more ideas, I will put them here. 

Day 261 - Homework Shmomework

All these projects will be readily made viewable for you when they are done (if they get done).

It's true, I have a lot of homework due around Monday/Tuesday, but that's alright with me... I'll just do it tomorrow...

...I hope.

Anywho, time for me to watch more South Park episodes, and look over drawings I'm working with. Cya guys. 

Day 262 - Blades of Glory

Good news right?

When I'm too tired to make a strip I'll usually try to whip one up the next morning, but because today was school this had to wait until I got home.

Anywho, there will be another comic tonight! Check back at 12 am PST (If you can stay up that late (otherwise just check back tomorrow)).

Funny movie, though. Still.

EDIT: Check out that little blue and white button under every strip, guys. It's called transcribing and it's awesome. Basically, it'll help you all find the strips you're looking for once the strip has been transcribed. You type in the script, what's going on, etc., and in the future you can find that script just by typing in a bit of text that you remember. Help out if you've got the means! 

Day 263 - Stacey?

It doesn't happen a lot, but sometimes I can't sum up my thoughts into a coherent comic. I couldn't get anything out past that 1st panel, so I guess I lose on tonight's update.

Oh well.

Also: this may sound bad, but I hope Stacey's at home, just really sick. It'd be better than the stupid scenarios I play in my head.

In news, news I need people to transcribe some comics for me! That way everyone who wants to just search for comics can do so by typing in the "Search Allan" text field above the comments. Just click the "Transcribe This Comic!" button under the strip and it'll take you to a page to transcribe the current strip you're on. I'll do some in my free time, but if you guys can help out, I'd really appreciate it!


EDIT: If you don't see a "Transcribe This Comic!" button under the strip, it means it's already been transcribed, and it is ready for searching whenever you need to search for it! If there's an "Improve Transcription" button, it means it's partially transcript(ed+, but it could be better (Character names, etc.). 

Day 264 - April Fools!

April Fools. 

Day 265 - Making Amends

Before you start: Yes. It was an April Fools Day joke. I'm sorry I didn't get it up ON APRIL FOOLS, but I draw my strip for the day on the day it's happening. Next year I'll do one ON April 1st. I promise.

Uh, also: this character is not based on you guys. I love you guys. This character is based on a certain e-mail I got today about a guy who scoured the Californian obituaries looking for a Stacey, but apparently no Stacey 16-17 died yesterday. That's good news.

Plus, I would've never EVER done a strip about Stacey dying in a car crash if I didn't know for a fact she was OK (because I did actually see her on Monday, but I already had this idea in my mind).

So yeah. No more shocking for another 364 days. You're free to not sweat it.

PS. If you didn't catch it, the author's notes were in white, yesterday, and I will be editing them to normal color so everyone can read it. I'll also be changing the title of the strip to "April Fools" for no future confusion.


I still need Transcriptions! I've been working on them, but I'm only one man and it's going to take me a month or two to get them all finished. The more you guys do the more it helps. Thank you for all the ones you've already done! I appreciate it.

I used to have a little button under the Author's notes that said "Protection" back when e-mail addresses were required. I've recently decided that the website it links to is BS and doesn't do shit except generate traffic for ads. So I got rid of it and replaced it with a "Bookmark" tool bar! Now you can Stumble, Digg, (?), or e-mail (and many more) the site with ease. Plus if you just wanna bookmark the actual page, just press Ctrl+D. It's that easy.

I'm off to bed now, guys. I got school tomorrow and more CHATTING WITH STACEY (WHO IS ALIVE AND WELL) to do. 

Day 266 - Trialled-Hood

The title of this strip is actually spelled the way UK people would spell trial-ed.

Us Americans don't have a word for trial-ed that rhymes with child, so whatever.

I am dead tired. I got like no sleep last night and now Ican't stop using italics.

I hope you guys had a good day. It might not look like it based off the general tone of this strip, but I did have a good day. More tomorrow. I might be leaving for the weekend. We'll see. If I do I'll try to get some comics whipped up first.

PS. Keep transcribing! Thanks for doing it so far!

PPS. I want to hold a contest. If you want to help, please check out this thread! Thanks guys! 

Day 267 - L-AIM Situations

Hee hee. Another good title.

Uh, if my AIM convos were real I think I'd be gay, because I like flirting with David to freak him out (yet he never gets freaked out and sometimes he retaliates).

...Maybe I shouldn't share that stuff with you guys.


Day 268 - Back To Grandma's

Back to Grandmother's house we go,
skipping merrily through the snow,
upon reaching it we will see,
how painful grandma's bite can be.

Those false teeth look false enough,
and that hair looks like a raggedy muff,
but when you get that old hag mad,
hell will be had. Hell will be had.

Sorry about the absence on my part this weekend guys. I'll try to make it up to you.

In other news, enjoy this 3-page story about life at my grandmother's for 4 days (I skipped school on Monday).

I'm out! More stuff tonight. 

Day 269 - Day 2

This strip is actually a lie. I got no drawing done the entire time I was there.

I got some fan art (?) yesterday (or was it the day before) by my friend Cheeko!

You can check out the fan art here, or here, and click onCheeko's name to see her comic!


PS. Check out the Extra's section if you can, I've got new links in there, an improved gallery layout, and just more good stuff to go around. It's still under construction, but eventually it'll work as well as this index page does. 

Day 270 - Day 4 (Finale)

You know how long it's been since I've read a Calvin and Hobbes strip?

Unless you count these, far too long.

When people compared yesterday's strip to C&H, I had no idea what they were talking about. Then it kind clicked. With the whole "comparing real life to fantasy" thing.

I must not read C&H enough, though, because I hadn't made the connection until two people pointed it out.

My point? No point. Later.

(CONTEST CONTEST MOLEST THIS CONTEST (those should be heavy metal lyrics)) 

Day 271 - Partners in Crime

I couldn't think of a good title for this strip. I know now that I've said that someone (like Talekyn) is going to come on over here and pun me to death, but I DON'T CARE.


Anyway, contest, blah, blah, blah. 

Day 272 - Shaved by the Bell


Anyway, contest, blah, blah, blah. 

Day 273 - (User was Banned for this Post)

Unless you know ****, you probably won't find the title funny.

Uh, good news, though: no one said anything to me? That's good news right? Or... or is it bad? Oh goodness I hope it's not bad!

In other news, made sure to catch the Office episode I missed on Thursday, and I've gotta say I loved it. I haven't been able to feel that uncomfortable in a long time. It made me really glad Jim and Pam were still together.

Also: is it just me, or is Michael getting smarter? I dunno. There's just something there that wasn't there before--I pretty much feel bad for him now.

Plus: 30 Rock was good as well. Lots of character changes going on, I've never pictured Lemon as a go-getter in the means of putting herself first over others. Maybe I just haven't watched it in long enough, but she always seemed to be the sweet one of the group. Or at least the silly one... or the smart one.

Alright! That's it for now. Contest if you can.

ALSO: New thing in the forum, STORE IDEAS :D 

Day 274 - Strung Up on Lost

I'm just going to tell all you people out there who don't watch Lost and who don't know this about me, but I've seen every episode of LOST, including all of Season 2, 3, and what has been of 4, and I've gotta tell you that Charley doesn't die in the first season. Even after knowing this, the death scene where Charley almost dies in 1 is still shocking and it still gets me thinking every time, even after knowing he's already going to live.

Also, if you haven't seen this episode, you might not realize how genius this title is.

More stuff tomorrow!


Day 275 - Gotta Steal 'em All!

Goodness gracious. I was talking with Horatio today and I had completely forgotten about this story. Good thing he helped me remember!

Meowth, that's right! More news later.


Day 276 - Gotta Trip 'em All!

Nothing substantial happened today in my life, so I figured I'd expand on that little scenario John and I were laughing so hard about.

Also, that final line (or the former before the latter), is kinda like a shout-out to Scott who helped John and I to think about Pokemon for the first time in quite a while. Thanks Scott.

More stuff later or when it comes to mind. Sign up in the forums and contribute if you can. I'm sure you'll all be welcomed for being so boisterous.

Alright. I'm out. 

Day 277 - Ridiculous Reasons Requiting Roles

Ah Alliteration, how I adore thee. Amazing and Artsy, Alliteration is my armor in the arduous task of arson.

...wait what? 

Day 278 - The Truth 1

This is probably going to be the storyline that ruins everything for me, guys.

I believe my reality has been shattered. More tomorrow.

Also, I've gotten the Xum shirt up in the new store. I'll be updating links to the Store in the near-future, but for now I'm just going to tell you to click here if you're interested. More products to come in the future, I'm sure.

EDIT: Thank you guys for voting and doing transcriptions! It's really helping. 

Day 279 - The Truth 2

Notes on the comic:

More has developed in the situation than I had previously though, and it's kinda making my head hurt. I don't want to ruin anything, so I won't give anything away, but I can tell you that I am pretty pissed off at some people for what I have to do.

More tomorrow. For now I need to get some sleep. I just had a rough test. 

Day 280 - The Truth 3

At this point my accusation of Ricky was merely speculation. A lot has happened since then, so I can't really tell you what it is that has happened (because it'd ruin it), but you guys probably won't like it.

More tomorrow. Thanks for reading! 

Day 281 - The Truth 4

Let me clarify that I wasn't eager to "beat Ricky up," but I really wanted to talk to him. Sure I went home and tried to connect with him through internet means, but to no avail. I doubt he was avoiding me, he was just not on.

This story is nowhere near over, either, guys. This may take a week or two.

Thanks for reading. 

Day 282 - The Truth 5

Not much to say about tonight's strip, other than that'sDave, and I decided to "go out" with Izzy to "see" a "movie."

You might think my response was rash, but I thought it a good idea at the time.

Enough for now. 

Day 283 - The Truth 6


...or at least the girls are, at least?

Sorry for the late strip, had to study. You guys understand. More tomorrow.

PS. New fan art by NickatworkCheck it out

Day 284 - The Truth 7


Day 285 - The Truth 8

OK. OK, OK, OK, OK. Okay. OK.


So I know some of you will be all "YES." and some of you will be all "NO." and some of you will be all "Violence is not the answer!" and some of you will be all "HARUMPH." but I apologize. No. I did not apologize to Ricky. I apologize to you, my readers, for me punching Ricky in the face. I know it was a dumb idea. I know that. After everything that Ricky had put me through (Izzy, Jen, Jen, JEN) it just hit me and I couldn't help myself. If I had had anything else to hit, I probably would've... but there was his face, and then it was my fist.

I cannot tell you whether or not there were/have been repercussions since, because that's part of the story, but so far nothing bad has happened (and it's been almost a week). I'm probably clear.

Thank you all for reading/voting/spreading the word about my strip... I really appreciate it and I hope that shows.

PS. Not the end of the storyline yet. More tomorrow 

Day 286 - The Truth 9

I've noticed some people have been spreading the word about "Allan," and I'd like to thank you. Every plug, every mention, every link and nudge helps out. If you guys like this strip, I don't mind if you plug it anywhere you like (even if you don't like it, I suppose).

In comic news, you might've seen Ricky post around here lately in the comments section under the author's notes. Don't mind him. I believe they are empty lies designed to get a rise out of me (or empty threats designed for the same thing). He hasn't said a word to me at school and I'm glad. Hopefully I won't have to deal with him for a while.

Thank you all for your input. For your comments both here and in the forums, and everywhere else. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the rest of this. 

Day 287 - The Truth 10

I am sorry about the lines in this one. My old pen died in the middle of me inking tonight's, so I had to go back over the lines I'd already finished to make it match. Now it looks awfully thick (that's what she said?).

Anyway. Date part: gogogo.

NOTE: I have set up a forum thread for which you can see IMAGES (or post images) of any of the SHIRTS you might've BOUGHT from the STORE (not much to choose from yet). New stores and such coming in the future. Probably not for a while, but in the future, so be on the lookout (in the future). 

Day 288 - The Truth 11

What? If a girl I am attracted to leans on my shoulder, I don't think I'll be the first one to stop her.

...don't you judge me. 

Day 289 - The Truth 12

Day 290 - The Truth 13

Long one today! 

Day 291 - The Truth 14

So, this page is extra long. Twice as long. This is a double update! It's the better kind, though, because you don't have to go back a page and read the one before this. I just merged what I could've made 2 into, into 1!

About the strip?:

I'm going to let you all draw your own conclusions on this one. Hope I didn't push the "squirm factor too far". 

Day 292 - The Truth 15

Cool stuff: We've got a Facebook group! Like Facebook? Like groups? Like Allan? Then join it! Click here! Spread the word.

Notes on the comic:

I could've gone a few different directions with today's strip, but I decided to clue you guys in on Jen first. Hope that is alright.

More tomorrow! Thanks for reading! 

Day 293 - The Truth 16

OK, first off, this story will be over by page 300, guaranteed. It might end on 299, it might end on 300. We'll see how it goes. You will find resolution within the next 8 pages.

Also, if you're sick of the drama, that'll end within 4 pages. Hope that's alright.

2 more things.

1: We've got a Facebook Group, so you can join that and invite all your friends if'n you wanna!

2: I'd like to just say hey to any new readers, and thank you all for stopping by! Thanks guys!

Alright! More tomorrow. 

Day 294 - The Truth 17

Tomorrow's update is twice as long as these next few, because I thought it'd flow well and I didn't want you guys to have to wait too long for me to get out of the drama and back onto the wit.

That means this story will end on page 299! Hope you guys are ready!

Also, if you want to spread the word about Allan, I'll be working on making some links for your linking pleasure so you can spread the word easier! Expect those done by later today (I'll edit the author's notes and tell you guys when I'm done.).

Thanks for reading! 

Day 295 - The Truth 18

It's not really that special, but technically this is a double update. If you can guess where the page is supposed to split into the second one you get bonus points.

Remember yesterday how I said I'd get some links up and running for you guys? Haven't quite finished it. Here'sone, if you're interested (it's the long kind), and I'll get some of the smaller ones ASAP!

I'm going to be seeing Iron Man today, so I'll be sure to tell you all how that goes. 

Day 296 - The Truth 19

Yay, we're out of the drama. Man, am I glad we're out of the drama. I really flexed my drama muscles with this storyline and I think it turned out well. Now, this day is approximately Monday, 3 weeks ago, so Rob had probably only read up to about here.

Anywho, back to the wit/whatever you want to call it. 3 strips left to this storyline!

PS. I saw Iron Man. I liked it. I also saw Across the Universe. I also liked that. I had a good Sunday. 

Day 297 - The Truth 20

I am very pleased visually with tonight's page. I wasn't very pleased with yesterday's, but today's makes me pretty happy.

Also, I've been playing with new styles, and unless I've already heard from you, I could use your input! Here's the forum.

2 days 'till the story is over! How's it gunna end? I'm so excited.

3 days 'till the big 3-0-0! Looking forward to that, too.

More later guys!

PS. Drew. I beat you to it

Day 298 - The Truth 21

Hey Ricky, are you reading this? Is that bruise healed yet?

Guys, the story only has 1 more page left. Then I'm going to try out a new thing for a few pages. 10-20 pages, starting on page 300. I'll follow up with more details when I have them.

More later! 

Day 299 - The Truth 22

The end of that story!

Now we can resume normal stuff!

...or can we? 

Day 300 - Smellebrate

So guys, 300th page and the new test-run style.

How do you like it?

My decision relies on your feedback!

More later!

PS. For those who don't know about the Blue Squire, here's some examples.