Day 101

Allan on July 19, 2007


I'm not sure who that comic artist is… maybe what's-his-face from Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Anywho, don't worry, I'm not insulting people who sell their comics. This was just onna those things that ran through my head, so I drew it.

Day 102

Allan on July 20, 2007


I like to draw Fern! I don't know why, he just fits every one of my situations!!

Don't worry Fern. I don't hate you… just despise you a little.

Day 103

Allan on July 20, 2007


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaA GO BLUE SQUIRE!!!!!

For everyone who loved this episode.

PS. I'm back a day early, so since my comic hasn't been showing up as updated these past 4 days (that's what I'm guessing anyway), you get two for the price of one!

More details on the road trip tonight!

EDIT: Now that I'm back I've seen that the Drunk Duck Awards have shown me much love. I've been nominated for two categories: 
Best Real Life
Best Line Art
Thank you guys so much for nominating me! I really appreciate it!

Day 104

Allan on July 21, 2007

So we went out to San Diego and caught some sights. Went to Sea World and whatnot. Got some good splashes in. Drove around a little more to the more minor sights to see in San Diego, and then drove back on home. Fun would best describe it, though so would “Lots and lots of pointless driving.” Ah well. I think I need to have a car full of buddies to really enjoy a road trip. Maybe next time.

Yeah, and it was really sudden, too. I know. That was crazy.

Also, I picked up the 5th–I mean 7th (sorry, I've got the movie on my mind)–Harry Potter book, which I expect no one to spoil for me by telling me that Harry AND Voldermort die in an epic battle after resurrecting the fallen ghost of Dumbledore. Oh… did that all actually happen?! DID I TURN TO THE LAST TWO CHAPTERS AND READ MY HEART OUT?! No. I didn't. I just wanted to freak you all out.

But don't ruin it for me. It probably ends with Harry getting laid…

Also, I don't know if you heard yesterday (there were TWO updates yesterday, so go back a day or two and see them) but I was nominated at the Drunk Duck Awards! In two categories! Woop! Voting has officially started now, too, so if you really like these comics I try to churn out daily, please stop on by and vote! It'll bring me reassurance that I truly am making a difference in the world! Just drop a comment including the words “Allan” and possibly “I vote for” in these two areas: 
Best Real Life,
Best Line Art.
Thanks again, guys, for reading and commenting and whatnot! You all rock.

Day 105

Allan on July 22, 2007

Yeah, I haven't finished it yet unlike SOME of you READERS out there who devote entire days to books. Personally I don't have that kind of time!

Also, if this happens to be your favorite type of humor, then don't take offense, I guess we've just got different tastes!

And for yesterday's comic I apologize if any of you found it a little hard to distinguish for yourselves what was going on, or why I felt the way I did, etc. etc.

Plus voting has started for the DD Awards, and if you'd like to vote for me just drop a comment including the words “Allan” and possibly “I vote for” in these two areas: 
Best Real Life,
Best Line Art.

Thanks again for stopping by!

PS. I'm not sure why, but yesterday I got MASSIVE pageviews, like none since I'd been featured (actually about half that). That was cool. Thanks for reading!

EDIT: I need all of you to check out this topic in the forums and tell me if you'd be interested in purchasing an “Allan” book. Thanks!

Day 106

Allan on July 23, 2007

And all this time I thought that snazzy laptop came with it! What a boner I pulled when I went in for both the hard drive AND the laptop! Oh boy, was MY face heliotrope!

Anyway, yeah, no real art in today's… just a rant, if you care to call it that. I saw this ad while eating breakfast and had to say something about it.

Oh, and I just wanna give a shout out to KC Green for linking me yesterday/the day before. It shot up my pageviews about 5,000, which was really cool.

And I heard some of you saying you really liked the line art in the earlier strips, but not so much recently. Well, I'm gunna try to find a thinner pen… right now I just recently purchased 4 Faber-Castell Small-pointed ink pens because I wanted to feel like a big shot, and that's what I've been using on the past few. Also, I kinda played with my scanner, which could be why it seems so “bundled together.” I'll try and fix it in time for voting for the “Best Line Art” on DD… which reminds me:

Voting has started for the DD Awards, and if you'd like to vote for me just drop a comment including the words “Allan” and possibly “I vote for” in these two areas: 
Best Real Life,
Best Line Art.

I also still need people to drop their opinions on an Allan book in the forum, which is this topic in the forums and tell me if you'd be interested in purchasing an “Allan” book.

Check ya guys later! Sorry this one was late!

Day 107

Allan on July 24, 2007

Apparently all of you wear rainbow shirts…


This one was late, because I've been playing Everquest II and working and whatnot. Like I said before, I get really into what I play.

Anyone else on here play EQII? No? OK. Moving on…

I don't know if you guys've noticed, but I sure have, how these strips have been less aimed towards what's going on in my life, and more aimed towards what's going on in my head. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? You tell me.

Also, insert obligatory voting paragraph, followed by obligatory Allan book paragraph:

Voting has started for the DD Awards, and if you'd like to vote for me just drop a comment including the words “Allan” and possibly “I vote for” in these two areas: 
Best Real Life,
Best Line Art.

I also still need people to drop their opinions on an Allan book in the forum, which is this topic in the forums and tell me if you'd be interested in purchasing an “Allan” book.

Thanks for reading guys and for all the support!

Day 108

Allan on July 26, 2007

I didn't upload anything yesterday because I was working… a lot.

Anyway, this was a conversation from last night between me and JEN! That's right, she's still ALIVE! I know, can you believe it?!

Oh, and I don't call Jen "HunnyBunny…“ that name is already taken!

So I'll try and make up for yesterdays comic being missing tomorrow, cuz I have tomorrow off! Cya all later–oh, but before I go: obligatory voting paragraph:

Voting has started for the DD Awards, and if you'd like to vote for me just drop a comment including the words ”Allan“ and possibly ”I vote for" in these two areas: 
Best Real Life,
Best Line Art.

I also still need people to drop their opinions on an Allan book in the forum, which is this topic in the forums and tell me if you'd be interested in purchasing an “Allan” book.

Thanks for reading guys and for all the support!

Day 109

Allan on July 27, 2007

I think these types of strips should be fun once in a while. Every now and then my parents like to tell me stories of how cute I was when I was little, and I guess I'll share some of them with you when I have a rather uneventful day (today was one of those… since I had a day off, and went and saw that new movie “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.” (with Jen) (I liked it)).

And you might notice my scanner being a little freaky tonight! I'm not sure why but the picture came out all funky… I'll make sure to try and fix it when I solve the problem.

Anyway, enjoy my “Lil' Allan” day, and I'll see how many more of these I can pull out of my past!

Also, voting has started for the DD Awards, and if you'd like to vote for me just drop a comment including the words “Allan” and possibly “I vote for” in these two areas: 
Best Real Life,
Best Line Art.

I also still need people to drop their opinions on an Allan book in the forum, which is this topic in the forums and tell me if you'd be interested in purchasing an “Allan” book (I also wouldn't mind discussion of an “Allan” T-Shirt, which I'll probably make a new thread for (or you guys could make one FOR me!)).

Talk to you guys more tomorrow… or tomorrow night, seeing as how I have work–on a Saturday.

Day 110

Allan on July 28, 2007

Days like these are always the most fun. I've had one other day and boy, talk about an adrenaline rush! People yelling at you over chips is always the best.

The bees knees, the cat's pajamas.

So, yeah. I got a new pen. It's .25, which was the smallest I could find, and I think it looks awesome, though you probably won't notice until I get my scanner fixed (tomorrow). So tomorrow I'll have all the images remastered and a whole lot prettier and not so jagged. I promise!

By the way, we never got this guy his chips and I sent him home with some Doritos–because EVERYONE likes Doritos!

Also, voting has started for the DD Awards, and if you'd like to vote for me just drop a comment including the words “Allan” and possibly “I vote for” in these two areas: 
Best Real Life,
Best Line Art.

I also still need people to drop their opinions on an Allan book in the forum, which is this topic in the forums and tell me if you'd be interested in purchasing an “Allan” book.
And now, I even have a thread up open for “Allan” T-shirts, so if you have something you'd like to see on a shirt, tell me! Right here! Is where you should tell me! I need to stop! Cutting my sentences! Short! With exclamation! Marks!

Night guys! I'm not working tomorrow, though. Sunday's are church days for my “uncle” and so that's when the shop is closed. All those hungry truckers are going to have to go somewhere else!

EDIT: Just got word that Daniel here on Drunkduck has his new comic Shark Brain up (with four pages right off the bat). If you'd like to check them out, they're here (he has a really cool way of drawing a guy in a suit!).

Day 111

Allan on July 30, 2007

Wow. I was (and still currently am) working on a double update for today, but I couldn't get the coloring done for the second one, so you'll have that to look forward to tomorrow–it'll be fully colored. It's one of my favorite strips, ever, too… so you can be the judge.

But I don't mean to pass this one along–I like this one as well. Love my new pen, too! Probably the best pen I've ever had. Thank goodness for Micron.

Today's was actually yesterday's; this is Scott. He's kind of a manager, but he doesn't have the title or uniform for it, he just likes to carry clipboards around all day and pretend like he's doing something important, which he obviously never is. He also thinks he's some sort of bigshot and wears sunglasses all the time (which I hear is really bad for your eyes).

In relationship to my “uncle,” he's just a family friend or something. They have a good relationship and seem to know each other pretty well. I don't know.

Also, I think I'll see the new Simpsons movie come next weekend. Bart goes nude–I wonder how they swung that? Anyway, yellow penises make any movie worth seeing (a completely un-gay thing for me to say, I know). I guess I can look past the perversion most people would see when they hear someone expects male nudity in a film and see more the, “How the hell are they going to make that look on Bart?!”

So yeah. I'm almost done plugging myself for the voting at the DD Awards, but not quite yet (I figure most of you have cast your vote on all categories already), so I'll do that maybe for this last week. Cue:

Voting has started for the DD Awards, and if you'd like to vote for me just drop a comment including the words “Allan” and possibly “I vote for” in these two areas: 
Best Real Life,
Best Line Art.

Plus, if you have an opinion on an Allan book voice it in the forum, which is this topic and tell me if you'd be interested in purchasing an “Allan” book.
And now, I even have a thread up open for “Allan” T-shirts, so if you have something you'd like to see on a shirt, tell me! Right here!

Note: the only real reason I made these threads was because people showed real interest in attaining these products; I'm not doing it for my own benefit, just for those who can get something out of my little autobiography. Thank you.

And that's it. Expect a double update either the day after tomorrow or the day after next (I just want to catch up), but not tomorrow, because tomorrow's deserves it's own day.

Oh! And did you notice I “fixed” yesterday's page? You guys might not notice it, but it was a little jaggedy and yellowish, so I fixed that. Also it's no longer cut off at the bottom, so there's that. And here's that.

Day 112

Allan on July 31, 2007

If you talked to me last night on AIM/YIM, you know that yesterday I drew myself into a stupor. After 5 hours of coloring/drawing, following an additional 1 hour (for yesterday's strip) I could barely function. I think you all will agree it was worth it though.

I originally just wanted this to be linework, but, when you look at black and white linework you can't see figures as easily, and with all that background detail, it was hard to differentiate me from the trees.

PS 1: Today's strip is larger both in file size and actual size, seeing as how there is much more detail. I hope you guys can dig a file size that is 3 times as large as previous updates for the sake of preserving color at high quality.

PS 2: If you want to see just the linework, I'll be putting it up on Mediocre Militia, so stop by there in 10 minutes or so.

I played a Pen and Paper RPG with Rob the other day, and that's what this is about. If I worded it kinda funny (compared to my other ones), it's because I wanted it to seem like I was there, just like you feel when you're playing an RPG. And then I interrupt the game saying how awesome the mental picture I was getting was.

Hope you like today's, it was a lot of fun work to make.

As for other stuff, JeepChan updated for the first time I've seen in a while, so stop by and tell her hi!–she's cool (Kez, that is).

I got Incubus' new album “Light Grenades” (which I know has been out quite a while, now), and I recommend a few songs from it; “Oil and Water,” “Dig,” “Anna Molly,” and “Love Hurts” (in that order). They're all cool grooves.

Hope you guys had a fun day today; I hung out with Jen all day, so mine was pretty darn good–that'll be tomorrow's strip.

Alright! So! Mandatory “Vote for Me/Post in the Forum” plug, and then I'm off! Also, I'll probably be adding an “About” and “Characters” section to the site, so that you can keep track of all these WACKY PEOPLE!

Goodnight! I'm off to do dishes!


Voting has started for the DD Awards, and if you'd like to vote for me just drop a comment including the words “Allan” and possibly “I vote for” in these two areas: 
Best Real Life,
Best Line Art.

Plus, if you have an opinion on an Allan book voice it in the forum, which is this topic and tell me if you'd be interested in purchasing an “Allan” book.
And now, I even have a thread up open for “Allan” T-shirts, so if you have something you'd like to see on a shirt, tell me! Right here!

Day 113

Allan on Aug. 1, 2007

As days go by it becomes more and more tempting to tell Jen about the comic. However, I'm still not sure how she'll react. I mean, I could show her THIS one, because she asked me to make something like it, but knowing her she'll probably either say, “Wow, you should make more,” or, “Wow, how long have you been making these?”–and I can't lie to my girlfriend! That'd be wrong.

Anywho, I've gotta get on EQII for a friendly round of orc-face-smashing, but I'll be on later maybe to add extra details.

PS. I made a guest comic for Shiny Things. Check it out (if it's even up, I'm not sure (it's not up now that I checked, but it'll be up soon enough)). Just check out the comic in general.

K, that's it for now!


Voting has started for the DD Awards, and if you'd like to vote for me just drop a comment including the words “Allan” and possibly “I vote for” in these two areas: 
Best Real Life,
Best Line Art.

Plus, if you have an opinion on an Allan book voice it in the forum, which is this topic and tell me if you'd be interested in purchasing an “Allan” book.
And now, I even have a thread up open for “Allan” T-shirts, so if you have something you'd like to see on a shirt, tell me! Right here!

Day 114

Allan on Aug. 2, 2007

What? Ok. I'll be the seventy-thousandth to say it: there are some attractive people on MySpace! And some really artistic people, too…

Sometimes, though, it's hard to tell the difference between the artistic people and the people trying to be artistic. You know, the people who have all these links to all these photoblogs and all the pictures up on their site, but none of the pictures are the same style even remotely, so you know that one person didn't do all of them? Yeah, that's who I mean.

Anywho, this is late because I was gaming today! Yay for video games! Aren't video games amazing? I'd marry video games if I could reproduce with them. Oh. That's taking it a little far I suppose. Ah well.

Hey look! Beowulf! Shaun! Beowulf!

…why does it look like they overlaid 3D on it? That's weeeeird.

Oh, also, if I find a really cool artist I really like (music-wise) I'll link you to them. Tonight's is actually an entire musical called “Once,” and it's really mellowy and acousticy! I like it!

Anyway, cya! Work tomorrow… maybe I can get some of the website done, though? Huh? Maybe? MAYBE BABY?


Voting has started for the DD Awards, and if you'd like to vote for me just drop a comment including the words “Allan” and possibly “I vote for” in these two areas: 
Best Real Life,
Best Line Art.

Plus, if you have an opinion on an Allan book voice it in the forum, which is this topic and tell me if you'd be interested in purchasing an “Allan” book.
And now, I even have a thread up open for “Allan” T-shirts, so if you have something you'd like to see on a shirt, tell me! Right here! (I even put up an example HAT there, which my bud Wilson thought might be cool. Tell me what you think.

Day 115

Allan on Aug. 3, 2007

Yeah, uh. Right.


If you're going to hit on me, and get rejected, please don't stand there eyeballing me while your mom makes a sandwich. Just a tip for the future.

As for other stuff: You know iTunes? OK. Boot it up, and download the free “Single of the Week.” It's Matthew Good - Born Losers… and it's free! It's the first single I've ever downloaded from iTunes, because, frankly, it's the only preview I've ever heard on there I liked. So get it, trust me.

There's not much other stuff tonight. I've been over in the Debate/General/WTH Forums here on Drunk Duck, and just been chatting it up a little.

Oh, I made Tweebus a guest strip (I don't think he's been online to get it yet (T, if you're reading this, check your e-mail)), so if he puts it up, it'll be here.

And that's it! I'm going to go make something for dinner that ISN'T a sandwich, and I'll talk to all you cats either on here, or on the DD Forums, or sometime later!


Voting has started for the DD Awards, and if you'd like to vote for me just drop a comment including the words “Allan” and possibly “I vote for” in these two areas: 
Best Real Life,
Best Line Art.

Plus, if you have an opinion on an Allan book voice it in the forum, which is this topic and tell me if you'd be interested in purchasing an “Allan” book.
And now, I even have a thread up open for “Allan” T-shirts, so if you have something you'd like to see on a shirt, tell me! Right here! (I even put up an example HAT there, which my bud Wilson thought might be cool. Tell me what you think.

Day 116

Allan on Aug. 4, 2007

Last night I slept over at Ryan's, so I couldn't get a comic done. Anyway, here it is. Expect a better one later today (tomorrow's update).

Also, I'm working on Character pages, so that'll be fun. Lots of info going into that!

Day 117

Allan on Aug. 5, 2007

I got really fed up with this page and just said, “Screw it, I'll trace a car.” So I did. There.

It's a weird medium, though, isn't it? Photo-realism mixed with my style? Yeah. It's a little funky but also at the same time somewhat nice. Not sure why. Just seems to work out that way.

Oh, when was the last time you guys've gone for a ride in the car just for fun? just drive around somewhere you haven't been before and relax? That's what I did about 5 hours ago (it's 1:24am now) and it was great.

Oh, and speaking of things that are great, check out my new characters/about page I've got up now and tell me what you think. Click that About button or click here.

As for why this is late? Same reason as always. Computer games. Even though I've got all this stuff going on, I still try to get at least 1 page a day up, it's like a promise I've made to myself and I'm trying to keep to it. I'm sure in about 3 years I'll look back at this stuff and go, “WOAH! I remember that day!” That'll be fun.

Goodnight Internet!


Voting has started for the DD Awards, and if you'd like to vote for me just drop a comment including the words “Allan” and possibly “I vote for” in these two areas: 
Best Real Life,
Best Line Art.

Plus, if you have an opinion on an Allan book voice it in the forum, which is this topic and tell me if you'd be interested in purchasing an “Allan” book.
And now, I even have a thread up open for “Allan” T-shirts, so if you have something you'd like to see on a shirt, tell me! Right here! (I even put up an example HAT there, which my bud Wilson thought might be cool. Tell me what you think.

Day 118

Allan on Aug. 7, 2007

Izzy called me, but that last panel is made up. I don't know how she got the number–but I suspect Scott has it out for me… I'm not sure why. Maybe he's jealous.

Anywho, I missed yesterday's update because I wasn't feeling too good, but I made up for it by updating today! Oh, wait, this is supposed to be a daily comic. I didn't make up for it at all! I just missed one–after I had said I made it a personal promise to myself to make one every day!

Oh well.

Here's how the conversation went:

“Hi, uh, Allan. It's Izzy. Remember–from the–”
“Yeah I remember, how'd you get this number?”
“Oh you know, places. I figured since you hadn't called me in a few days–”
“–that I'd call you.”
“Yeah, uh, I have a girlfriend, you know. Like I said before.”
“Yeah I know.”

“Okay, so, well, I gotta go.”
“OK! I'll call you sometime later. Oh–hey–do you have an AIM?”
“Uhh, yeah?”
“What is it?”
Blah blah blah me explaining how to spell it.
“OK, cya later then!”
“…What the hell just happened?”

Anyway, talk to you guys tomorrow.

PS. Did you guys notice my avatar blinks? That's crazy; I totally forgot I even did that. Must've been really late.


Voting has started for the DD Awards, and if you'd like to vote for me just drop a comment including the words “Allan” and possibly “I vote for” in these two areas: 
Best Real Life,
Best Line Art.

Plus, if you have an opinion on an Allan book voice it in the forum, which is this topic and tell me if you'd be interested in purchasing an “Allan” book.
And now, I even have a thread up open for “Allan” T-shirts, so if you have something you'd like to see on a shirt, tell me! Right here! (I even put up an example HAT there, which my bud Wilson thought might be cool. Tell me what you think.

Day 119

Allan on Aug. 8, 2007

I just realized my life has become a soap opera. A soap opera, or a sitcom. *laugh track*

And what's up with that last panel? OH WAIT! Is that–is that STUN SPORE?! Butterfree, I don't remember choosing you! Ha ha ha ha ha!

…my, aren't I in a rare fashion? I guess I'm really enjoying life right now! Why? I don't know!

By the way there's more to this conversation, which I will not share with you now, but will probably make into tomorrow's strip, since I'm not really doing much tomorrow!! Woo!

As for other stuff, oh, yeah, soap opera. Just watch and see how eventually my life will unfold like the linens on the walls, which is what all our lives are like. Folds in some linens. Yeah, eventually I'll get stranded on a magical island with a pregnant woman hanging on my arm and then suddenly she'll start going into LABOR mid-HANG! And then I'll look up at the ledge I'm barely holding onto and see a tarantula crawling across my fingertips and I'll say: “Oh no! I'm deathfully allergic to spiders!” even though the specific tarantula crawling across my hand has no venom in its fangs at all and I'm not really allergic to spider bites. Also, the woman below me isn't actually hanging in mid-air, but is standing on a rock which is just out of the camera shot. Her arm's not even fully extended. I know, that'd be awesome. Did I mention the island has a forcefield around it and I need to press a button at the top of the mountain to get off it? Yeah. That too.

I could call it “Day of our Allan,” and it'd be the next daytime hit on CBS. You know, instead of all those “Bling It On!” commercials.

I really need sleep. More comics tomorrow and whatnot!

Day 120

Allan on Aug. 10, 2007

Part 2 of 2.

You know, as I was making this comic I realized Scott isn't the douche I thought he was. All those orders around the job weren't because he was trying to mess with me, it was because he didn't want to be embarrassed by his mom, or he WAS embarrassed by his mom and didn't want me to see him embarrassed. Either way, I think I understand him a little better.

Also, this whole matter does really make sense, I just had to think about it for a second.

Sorry for the 1 1/2 day absence. Already got tonight's comic done, so you don't have to worry about that! Thank for reading.

Day 121

Allan on Aug. 11, 2007

Yeah, I remember thinking, “This must be really awkward for her.” Though it obviously was awkward for me.

She seems to have lost her weird obsession for me, which is a good thing because I have a girlfriend, and I'm not ready to leave/join either of them… if that makes sense.

I'm not really pleased with the layout of this page. I wanted to make it one more panel longer with me thinking, “This must be really awkward for her…” but I ran out of room in my sketch book. Too bad. Also, I'm not pleased with how I made Izzy look (that's Izzy by the way, if you didn't get that).

You know, after today's revelation about Scott I feel like I need to change my About page so that everyone knows what I know. Yeah. I think that'd be best. I'll do that within the next few days.

So, that's it! I'll try to stay on top of this stupid updating schedule, but with so much stuff going on it's always possible for me to miss a day or two. Know I'm not leaving.


PS. If you didn't see it, I updated late yesterday. So go back a page and check it out… if you want to.


Voting has started for the DD Awards, and if you'd like to vote for me just drop a comment including the words “Allan” and possibly “I vote for” in these two areas: 
Best Real Life,
Best Line Art.

Plus, if you have an opinion on an Allan book voice it in the forum, which is this topic and tell me if you'd be interested in purchasing an “Allan” book.
And now, I even have a thread up open for “Allan” T-shirts, so if you have something you'd like to see on a shirt, tell me! Right here! (I even put up an example HAT there, which my bud Wilson thought might be cool. Tell me what you think.

Day 122

Allan on Aug. 12, 2007

This one was just kinda fun. I was thinking about making it a two-parter, but I really didn't want to start up a mini story or something. Not really my style.

And what's up with that word resuscitation?! I mean, I thought it was spelled something like “recessitation” or something, but man I was way off.

Also, that's Nick in that last panel. You know. Nick. From Dribble for Kids? Yeah. I was talking to him on AIM last night and we were discussing my lack-of-mayo situation, and since I was discussing it with him, I figured I'd add him to pay somewhat of a homage to him.

Anyway, we bought more mayo and the situation was taken care of. End o' story!

Oh, and I'm not sure why, but I got, like, 1,000 pageviews 2 days ago, and, like, 750 yesterday. It's really but I wonder where it's coming from?

Thanks guys! Talk to you more later (or on AIM if I'm on (justallanwood) or msn ( or yahoo (woodallan)).

Day 123

Allan on Aug. 14, 2007


It is merely a joke based on recommendations about how people would like to see more drama in the strip. Over here. In the review thread. That means if you have ever wanted to tell me what you really think about “Allan,” you can do it here, and no one will hold it against you. I'd appreciate it, too!

As for where I got this strip idea? Well, Scott did at one point question my change-making abilities, but he was swiftly proven wrong and my honor as a cashier/delicatessen-assistant was restored.

Sorry for missing yesterday's update, though. I was all excited to make one but I was really tired and blah blah blah excuses excuses.

Anyway, this is strip 1-2-3, which is a MAGIC NUMBER! Not sure why, maybe because those are usually the first 3 numbers you learn when you're born, but in general it's just great. I never thought I'd make this many strips ever (which reminds me, I never did anything special for that 100 strips benchmark).

Soooooo that's it! I'm off to watch the entire 3rd season of LOST for the next two days, so you should expect to hear about that kind of stuff coming up. Talk to you guys tomorrow, and I'm going to respond to all these PQs I haven't yet (like… Fern's… and… that's about it).



Voting has started for the DD Awards, and if you'd like to vote for me just drop a comment including the words “Allan” and possibly “I vote for” in these two areas: 
Best Real Life,
Best Line Art.

Day 124

Allan on Aug. 15, 2007

Well, this is part 1 of 2. Why? Because I could, and I like prolonging these kinds of things in case the next day isn't very much fun or very interesting at all. It's funny, because just yesterday I was talking about drama, and then today at work something dramatic actually happened. Funny how that works.

Anyway, I'm still watching LOST season 3, and I still am up for review in the forums, so if you want, post something about what you think about Allan. I won't take it the wrong way, I promise!–in fact, I'll take it only the right way… which actually sounds kinda dirty.

Also, I updated Mediocre Militia for the first time in a millennium, so you can see some experimental sketches of yours truly on there.

Anywho, I'll be around!

PS. Today's my birthday. (16th on the 16th)


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Day 125

Allan on Aug. 18, 2007

Alright, part 2 of 2. Just a continuation of yesterday's strip. I guess a guy has to stand up for his girl, so that's what I did! Can you blame me? Anyway, she seems somewhat unphased.

So, I'll make sure to get tomorrow's strip up online on time. I just recently had my birthday, and that was a crazy few days, and now that the weekends over things are finally settling down! I'll make sure to clue you all in on what happened.

Other than that not much to report on. I'll have more info for everyone later.

PS. Holla out to all my Augustinian birthday bros and sisters! Night.


Voting has started for the DD Awards, and if you'd like to vote for me just drop a comment including the words “Allan” and possibly “I vote for” in these two areas: 
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Day 126

Allan on Aug. 19, 2007

Part 1 of 2. I figured I'd explain this over two episodes to clue you in on all the info.

I've got a question for you all, though: there might be some nudity in tomorrow's strip; how would you all feel about that? Too much? No sex or anything, but there were a few topless girls, and maybe a naked guy if I remember correctly. It was a crazy party.

People at the party I knew: Ryan, Jen, and that was basically it. I've got quite a large school, and it was a school party, so most of the faces are unrecognized (I did get some compliments on my birthday, though).

Anyway, tell me how you'd feel about something like that.

As for news, you all know by now that my birthday was on the 16th, and for it I got Guitar Hero II, and a few other Xbox 360 gifts/moneys. So that's pretty cool.

And other than that there's not that much to report on. School boots up in a week, and that'll probably upload a virus to my motherboard, however, I'll have lots more time to make comics I suppose! (I get to quit my job when school starts, and there shouldn't be as many chores when I have an excuse not to do them.)

So goodnight! I'll be on AIM and MSN and YIM for some time this week, so if you're bored, my AIM's justallanwood, my YIM's woodallan and my MSN's, so feel free to contact me. I can always use more peeps to talk to; I don't have enough!



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Day 127

Allan on Aug. 20, 2007

Part 2 of 2. That's the best I can recall of a night I can only remember up to that point.

So I went with the boobs. Some might feel uncomfortable with this choice. I have this to say to them: Allan will never be censored. Censorship is one of my pet peeves, and I just won't have it in my autobiography. I tried to be as artistic about this nudity as I could, and I didn't want to blow it up and put it in everyone's face, so I stuck it in there the only way I know how.

In my opinion nudity should never be considered “Mature,” if it's not sexual, so, I don't think this will affect my rating in the slightest. This is like a PG-13 movie, with in the small caption box it says “Rated PG-13 for Violence, Language, and Brief Nudity.”

So enjoy these two party strips, because there probably won't be another one for a year or nine. I dunno. This party was just kinda what the doctor ordered before his submarine was blown up by John Locke–oh wait, now I'm mixing up life with LOST. Ah well.

Night guys! More stuff tomorrow (probably something about buying school supplies).


Voting has started for the DD Awards, and if you'd like to vote for me just drop a comment including the words “Allan” and possibly “I vote for” in these two areas: 
Best Real Life,
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Day 128

Allan on Aug. 21, 2007

I don't usually consider pictures explicit… today I got a few that borderlined “explicit.” And it was Izzy, by the way. I wouldn't hint that something was someone if it was not, otherwise that might just confuse you guys, and I'm trying my hardest not to do that. Comics are all about readability I've found.

Anyway, I didn't get my school supplies just yet. No parents were available to take me out to like Staples or somewhere, so I sat at home and tried to decide what to do with these pictures.

I still have come to no conclusion. They're pretty shocking.

And wasn't it Izzy who said to me that she didn't want anything to do with me? Yes? Seriously, what the hell?

I'll ask Jen about it tomorrow. Night guys.

PS. This comic is extra smooth because it's digitally inked. I felt like mixing it up tonight. Not sure why.

Day 129

Allan on Aug. 23, 2007

The answer is: Guitar Hero–unless you're already good at playing guitar, and then that's probably a lot more fun.

Anyway, now my wrist hurts. That sounds gross, doesn't it?

Right now I'm currently watching episode 22 out of 23 of the latest season of LOST. Did you know that the 4th season doesn't start until JANUARY? Why do they do this to me? Why??

Sorry about missing yesterday's update, though. I probably have some good reason, but I just can't currently think about it without LOST playing. I'll think of it later.

So I'll see you later!

Day 130

Allan on Aug. 25, 2007

Not really in the mood for author's notes tonight. I'll get back to everyone tomorrow and clue stuff in.

Day 131

Allan on Aug. 26, 2007

They're actually not on my desktop, that was a typo, but I just rolled with it.

Anyway, This will probably be the last you hear of the pictures, because I'm a smart guy and I know there's always a chance of getting caught… so they'll probably just go into the recycle bin when I'm done typing this.

Don't think I'm going to be doing anything with these pictures, though. They're safely locked up in a zip file with a password now, so no one's gunna be seeing them even if they want to.

And for now, that's it. I'm gunna add on to these notes a little later, but I just downloaded the new Overlord demo and want to try it out. Late!

EDIT: I'm back, with some news! Remember that one time I did an interview for Drunk Duck? Me too, because now it's up and you can read it! Isn't that cool? I think it is–hope you guys enjoy it!

Day 132

Allan on Aug. 27, 2007

I'm not sure why I ended today's strip like this. Maybe it's because I feel like I've entered a new chapter of my life, like every year in school is a new chapter or something. Not sure. It also kinda sounds like I'm signing out–I'm not going anywhere.

…Why would I go anywhere when I've just been interviewed as a “Creator Interview!” (Did u c wut i did dere?) Tell me what you think of the interview. I think I explained things pretty well. Anything else you want to know?

Anyway, no homework on the first day of school is still nice and familiar. Can't wait ‘till college where it’s just homework-homework-homework every day. That'll rock. Woah. That's only 2 years away.

Someone hold me.

Night guys!

PS. RushtonCygnus is a funny guy… cuz of what he wrote:

Dudes, last weekend I was totally playing strip poker with these girls right. And I totally got to see their boobies. Then like, this girl sent these pictures to my cell phone, I think you all know what I'm talking about. Oh yeah. Thats right.

…No, I'm lying, I made all that up.

Actually last weekend I was made King of all Cosmonauts. Good times.

Day 133

Allan on Aug. 28, 2007

That last panel's pose is very unusual and because of it I don't think I look myself, there. I think most of you will agree?

Anyway, I really am super tired, and have a few things to say before bed.

1. I know you guys already know, but I've been interviewed by one of my favorite (possibly my most favorite) admin, skoolmunkee, and you can read it here and comment on it and stuff. Lots of fun facts there.

2. I watched a rerun of The Office for the first time since I finished LOST seasons 2 and 3, and I've gotta tell you, I still love that show so damned much. The line: “We did it!” “Yeah!!” “Woo!”

…“How'd we do it?” “I don't know…!” “I don't even know how we did it…” “It doesn't make sense.” just proves it's an amazing show in itself.

Watch this, it's possibly the best culmination of shows ever recorded into an intro for something (excluding Scrubs, of course), and if you like these shows as much as I, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Other than that not much. Lots of new kids in my classes this year, so I've got a bunch of new people to associate with. I actually have homework, now, too! Knowledge is power, guys. Knowledge is power.

Night! Thanks again for reading/commenting.

EDIT: I just started up a pretty fun game in the forum. You get to decide what happens with Patric, and then I get to draw it! Doesn't that sounds like fun? Participate here!

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Day 134

Allan on Aug. 29, 2007

I have stuff to say about this strip, but first anyone who wants to play an old-school RPG in text-form, please check out this game thread. I started it up, and I need some people to participate, so succor my hunger for making them! I promise, I'll try and make them funny!

As for this comic, yeah, I figured Izzy went to my school, since there's only one other school in my area, and she doesn't seem to be a wholesome Catholic Schoolgirl. It's like, I keep on trying to kill off her character, but I can't, because she really does keep coming back. I just don't know what to do. Good thing Jen's not in that class with me.

Aaaand that's it. I'm trying to keep strong with the updating schedule, so I hope you guys enjoy these days which updates are constant. I know I do.

Talk to you guys later!

Day 135

Allan on Aug. 30, 2007

Seriously, Jen won't admit she told Mandy (who you might or might not remember) to say anything, and I'm not about to ask Izzy what she said to her, so I'm just gunna try to forget about it.

What I won't be forgetting about it my RPG in the game forum! Feel free to stop by and play along! Really. I will let you.

As for other stuff, I bought Zodiac (or got Zodiac) just recently, so I still need to watch it. Maybe it'll be a good Friday night movie? We'll see!

Talk to you guys later!

Day 136

Allan on Aug. 31, 2007

Oh shoot, I didn't realize today was the 1st of September… Well, I'll have to color this one, then! Check back later today to see it in full color (cuz that's what I'll be doing every 1st of the month (coloring 1 strip)). EDIT: Color version up! (Old version here)

(In case the new color version isn't showing up, here's the link.)

Oh, and this is still going on, so stop by if you're bored and have me draw “you!”

As for other stuff, I saw “Zodiac” today and I thought it was very well done–I did not think it dragged at all, and I think that stabbing scene was CRAZY GRAPHIC, but that's only because I'd hate to be stabbed.

Now, I'm off to play Guitar Hero 2 before bed and eat some yogurt. Oh, and there's something I have to do for school? Oh, that's right, homework. I forgot about that stuff (not).

Day 137

Allan on Sept. 2, 2007

This is part 1 of 2. I will get part 2 up by the end of tonight, and you guys can read both simultaneously.

So this introduces Ryan, one of the only kids I know who goes to a Catholic church who isn't Catholic or religious. We call him “Ryano” though, because his last name starts with an “O” and that way when Ryan and Ryano are together we don't get them confused. Though sometimes we get them confused on purpose.

More about the reason last night's comic wasn't up soon!

Make sure to check out my forum game!

Day 138

Allan on Sept. 2, 2007

Part 2 of 2! Check out the other one!

So Ryan's practically the only one of my friends who has his license/has gone the full 6 months after getting it, so he can drive all of us around and do these “night runs” as we properly named it.

To clarify, he does not go to my school–he used to in elementary, but when his parents realized what High School was like in public, they decided to stick him in the only private school around, which is a Catholic one (a fact I find very funny, seeing as how he's never been into religion). 

We call him Ryano because “Ryan” is easily mixed with the other scene Ryan you guys know about. Also, Ryano's last name starts with an “O” so it works out perfectly.

As for other stuff, I still got this game in the forum that everyone is invited to play. If you hang around there during the day on some days I can whip out up to ten posts in my Digital Arts class (I know, I did it once).

Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed the double update! I think it made up for it.

EDIT: Guess what I just set up? It's a Myspace. Oh no… am I a devil now?! Anyway, I'm calling out to anyone who has a Myspace to give me a ring on it. I'm still working out the kinks on it, though, so it's not very pretty or informative right now, but I'll get it set up as soon as I have some free time! Drop me a line!

Day 139

Allan on Sept. 3, 2007

This sums up my weekend pretty nicely. It was… a lot of fun in the fun parts, but not fun in the not fun part if you know what I mean. I was working with the pool so long today I still smell chlorine. I know. It's that bad.

Anyway, 2 things, both things you've probably heard already, but I'm still gunna link ‘em, whether you want me to or not!

1. I’ve got a Myspace now. All the lack of connectivity between my friends and I is getting to my nerves (except I'm probably gunna keep this one specifically for my comics, seeing as how none of my friends know about my comic (except Rob (who doesn't even seem to read it anymore)) and make a separate one for my real life with no comics included)! I haven't had time to customize it yet, though, so don't expect any comics or insight up there yet–wait until I've got some free time.

2. Still got this forum game going. It slowed down a little because I was busy all day, but I'll pick it back up when I get some free time.

Day 140

Allan on Sept. 4, 2007

I have made the final that these short, sweet ones are definitely the best. Seriously. They are the best things I make. They're not drawn out or anything. And this one even has two “punchlines”! I know!

Anyway, school was a bitch today, but I'm back in the swing of things. Who doesn't like going back to school after a bittersweet 3-day vacation? I know I do!

Chat with you guys later.

PS. Sorry I haven't had time to update my Myspace, I've been busy, I swear! I'll get to it ASAP!

Day 141

Allan on Sept. 5, 2007

I find it funny that a lot of you talked about the movies that you have to watch in Driver's Ed., and then I make a comic about it. I made this comic without being able to read your comments first, so you can rest assured I didn't take your ideas and put it to good use.

After watching the movie I have two things to say:

1. Brains.
2. Bad acting.

That line “Let's see if this baby can go over the speed limit…!” is a direct quote. Notice how I added the ellipsis at the end of that quote… that was because they were always drawling their sentences, like everything was always really boring.

And hey, look, color! I actually finished this one before I got home from school, so I had time to do color and stuff… and then I played Guitar Hero II and just uploaded it late. I ‘unno.

As for other stuff, ever since watching The Office again I’ve had this secret desire to download/play The Police (probably because Kevin's band plays only The Police), and I just did it and they're good. They're also on GH2, with “Message in a Bottle,” so naturally I downloaded that one first. I'm good at that song.

Aaaand that's it. I don't feel like linking you guys to my Myspace right now because I'm really tired (too tired to copy & paste), so if you want to see it, just go back a page and click on the link. Night guys!

Day 142

Allan on Sept. 6, 2007

Sorry about this one, I have to go do something and I don't have time for notes or erasing! I'll fix this one come Sunday night (along with the other I will undoubtedly do poorly).

Talk to you guys around Sunday or something!

EDIT: Fixed the sketchiness of this episode, you can see the old version here.

Day 143

Allan on Sept. 9, 2007

I've got to keep these notes brief, because it's 2:02 in the morning and I've got school tomorrow, but I'll catch up with you guys sometime later tomorrow, I swear! Night!

EDIT: OK. Finally got some time to get around to these notes! First off, I fixed yesterday's page, so check that out. Secondly, yes, I'm sure you get the implication of the last panel (we did chores and played Guitar Hero) without question.

Other than that I'm pretty tapped out. I really want to play GH2, but I've got a ton of homework due the day after tomorrow, so if you don't see me around that's what I'm working on. School's a bitch. I'll make sure to get a comic up tonight, though!–I at least have time to do that.

Day 144

Allan on Sept. 10, 2007

On time and ready to go! I really wanted to get this one up, because–despite all the homework–I had a great day. Really. It was like I could see my life thus far and everything just fit.

Ever have one of those days?

Anyway, this dream was pretty cool, too. I've never felt in a state of euphoria in my dreams before, but I was just amazingly happy and enjoyable… with… myself.

So yeah. Good days are the best.

On a side note, I'm thinking about putting up some Project Wonderful ads on here, just so I can put up my own Project Wonderful ads on other peoples' sites. So I wouldn't really be gaining money I don't think–I'm just going to do it for the advertising's sake.

We'll see. I don't want any ads to disrupt the site design!

PS. The Guitar Hero II Soundtrack is great to listen to while doing homework.

PPS. If you're wondering what happened to the other night, well, I'm just saving that story for another night when I can find better words to describe it.

Day 145

Allan on Sept. 11, 2007

This might be a 2-parter. I'm not sure if I'll include part 2. I probably will. Just for the sake of inclusion.

Anyway, yeah, most of these strips you read are made when I get back home and have my own room to myself so I can make these in private, but my History lecture was really boring today, and I just felt the impulse to jot down what I was thinking. Of course I didn't ink it ‘till I got home, but then pencils were there nonetheless.

Let’s just say I probably shouldn't draw in class, because people start asking about it, and then it's never fun. I'll keep it to myself at home from now on until I'm ready to reveal it to my world.

Anywho, that's it. I've still got some homework to wrap up, but I'll make sure to check in tomorrow from either my Digital Arts class or something along those lines! Night!

EDIT: _Sploich_ was bored and terrified, so he made me this, which I found hilarious. See what you think.

Day 146

Allan on Sept. 12, 2007

No one can ever call me lazy now. I really just want to go to sleep, but because you guys rock, I followed up with part 2 from yesterday. Anyway, Izzy walked away. End of that convo.

You might notice an ad box underneath the navigation buttons. I plan on finding a better place for it (unless you guys like where it is, then it can stay) so it's more visually appeasing, but for now I need to sleep and can't worry about it.

All the money I get from this ad box goes to me advertising “Allan” in other places, to draw in new readers, etc, so if you want to drop 5 or 10 cents for your own comic, I would really appreciate it! Thanks guys.

And that's it for tonight. I've really gotta hit the hay because I have a test tomorrow and it'll be a doosey. Night!

Day 147

Allan on Sept. 13, 2007

I am on the EDGE of breaking the 4th wall, but I haven't done it yet!

Actually, I break the 4th wall all the time by talking to my readers. Hi readers.

I'm sure you notice the change to the design. You would if you read this. I'm wondering what you think of it? You can tell me. I promise I won't be mad if you don't like it. So far I have 1 for change it back, and 1 for keep it, it's cool.

You help me decide.

Anyway, Rob, if you're reading this, you're wrong. In ratio of comics to Rob, as contrasted to the ratio of leprechauns to unicorns, you are in quite a few strips… more than most… and you're pretty recurring, so shut up.

Night guys! Got some schoolin' tomorrow.

PS. If you were wondering, I aced my test today.

EDIT: Voting's over! Thanks for voting, everyone who did!

EDIT2: I updated MEDIOCRE MILITIA and typed the name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

Day 148

Allan on Sept. 14, 2007

Goodness gracious I love this page. Not only does it have my favorite dog in the entire world in it, it's perfectly drawn. Maybe not perfectly worded, but I don't mind. Scotty came out great.

Anywho, I love this dog. Like, a lot. He has literally saved my life before. I'll tell you guys about that some other time, but it's pretty impressive what he did.

Also, I recently came into quite a lot of music, and over the next few days I'm gunna tell you of some of the best music I've got with it (you might've heard of some of it, and not heard of others of it). So to kick it off, here's two really good songs:

Bat Out of Hell - Meat Loaf
Oxygen - JJ71

I'll make sure to find some more, but I strongly suggest you download those two. They really do rock.

Night guys! And hello to any new readers I've got on here from the spare amount of advertising I've been doing! Hope you enjoy it.

EDIT: If you want to see Scotty colored, check out MM, because I uploaded the last panel in full color, there!

Day 149

Allan on Sept. 15, 2007

Hah! Sorry guys, I had to do this. I mean, I compare this to my other strips, and the writing is so minimalistic it's funny. You know? Today was one of those days when you do nothing all day and then you just go have a pretty plain time at the mall.

Best days ever!

I'm gunna leave today at that. I'm still doing a little redesigning around the house, so watch out for that! I'm sure you'll notice it when I stick it up (that sounds gross).


Day 150

Allan on Sept. 17, 2007

Sounds pretty reasonable to me, right guys? Anyway, I've gotta add some finishing details on this essay, so I'll get back to the notes tomorrow when I get home from school.


PS. Day 150.

Day 151 - Chemistry 1

Allan on Sept. 18, 2007

Ugh. I hate Chem.

Anyway, today marks a special day in the “Allan” chronicles, for today, on page 151, I am now including titles to go along with the “Day.” It will help for easier navigation and sometimes (probably not unless I'm feeling very witty) might add a little insight/comedy to the strip for the readers to enjoy. I don't expect you guys to care much about this, because it's very trivial, but it's just something new that I hadn't done before.

(Notice how today's strip is called “Day 151 - Chemistry 1,” this is because I and looking to the future, and assuming I will probably make another strip about Chemistry.)

If you don't like this idea, tell me, and I might stop doing it.

So yesterday I got a hitload in my sitehits, which hit my hitslot, shoving the hitlist up to over 9,000!!!!–I mean 1,000. Over 1,000. My site counter is usually around 700 per day, so it was pretty nice to get a little boost–I just wish I knew what it was from!

Alright guys. I'm planning on getting the rest of the comics this week up ON TIME at 10:00 PST every day, so make sure to watch out for that–because I will try my hardest to get these mothers up!

Thanks for stopping by and reading (and thanks for the advertisement purchasing)!

Day 152 - That Fateful Night

Allan on Sept. 19, 2007

I hope this wasn't disappointing to anyone, but this is a teen comic, and I think I can get into trouble by posting too much detail on topics like these.

Anyway, I'm still getting these badboys up on time, and I plan to until at least the weekend (unless I get some crazy stuff kicked up on the weekend, then I might miss one), so check back whenever you can!

Also, I adjusted the inking levels in this one. Anyone notice? A lot of people said they really like the original inking pens better than the new ones, so I'm still using the new ones, but thanks to the miracles of Photoshop I can make them look like the old ones. How close do you think I got it?

Check you guys later! Thanks for all the great comments and feedback!

Day 153 - Thursdays

Allan on Sept. 20, 2007

Did you know that The Office and My Name is Earl premier next week on Thursday? Tune in, because it will definitely be the only think I will talk about for a week, and we all know that you want to be in on it.

Just, add it to your TiVo list or something.

Anyway, I'm kinda short on notes tonight–maybe it's because I'm Livin' La Vida Loca! Who knows.

See you guys tomorrow!

Day 154 - One of Those Days

Allan on Sept. 21, 2007

Everyone's had the giggles in class, before. That movie really wasn't very funny, but I laughed nonetheless.

So! Guess what! Anyone who likes my works should enjoy this little announcement:

I've got a new comic out! I needed a way to relieve my boredom in some classes, so I started sketching, and came up with "Dande." A comic encircled by writing, rather than art. It's pretty out-there, so it might take readers 5-10 strips to realize what's happening, but rest assured the story develops at a calm pace, sparing no joke at its expense. So check it out. I've got 10 made already, and they will be up ON TIME over at least the next 10 days!

As for MUSIC, I was watching an old The Office rerun, and Andy started singing acapella with a drunken Jim, and they were singing Indigo Girls' “Closer to Fine.”

It's just a really cool song. Listen to it if you have a chance.

Day 155 - Don't Ask, Tell

Allan on Sept. 22, 2007

Sometimes parents just need to rephrase the question into a demand. It works. Especially when you're as bored as I was.

And yes, I know, I copied and pasted, but sometimes you gotta do that for the effect of lack of motion! I really like the text bubbles, though. Whenever I ink text bubbles digitally and everything else nondigitally it always looks really good. Maybe I should do that more often.

Episode 2 of Dande is up, so go check it out if you've got the time! Remember, 10 episodes, guaranteed!

Remember yesterday when I talked about Indigo Girls' “Closer to Fine?” Go listen to “Galileo.” That's a good one too.

Night guys! I've got some homework to do. And a test to study for…

Day 156 - 3007, A Space Odyssey?

Allan on Sept. 23, 2007

A little late tonight, but I don't think many people will notice.

I like making strips like these. Fun ones. That aren't real. Because sometimes reality sucks.

Go check out Dande if you've got time. I'm going to plug it for the next 6 days, until the first story line starts.

Night guys. I need sleep.

Day 157 - Monday

Allan on Sept. 24, 2007

Not in the mood for notes tonight. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

Check out Dande.

Day 158 - Friends With Benefits

Allan on Sept. 25, 2007

Believe it or not, despite the expression on my face in that last panel, there, Ryan actually helped cheer me up today.

Even though Rob's my best friend, Ryan's my close second. Seriously. He's a good guy.

So this on'es late because I had to write a paper for tomorrow. I hate how it came out, but what can ya'do? Not much. That's what.

I need to hit the hay. Check out Dande if you haven't already!

PS. Did I thank you guys for voting? Thanks, all of you who voted. I was a close second, and that's really impressive! Thanks a lot!

Day 159 - The Notebook?

Allan on Sept. 26, 2007

True story.

Man. Now I'm quoting Acadia's Id, which seems to be updating again. Rejoice all ye who enter there.

So. While I'm linking things, I might as well link you all over to Dande, because I'm going to do that for another 3-4 days depending on when it hits its 10th page (I suck at math).

But that's all I've got for you news-wise today! I'm off to try and beat GH2 on expert. I'm 38 songs in! Late!

Day 160 - Say Sorry

Allan on Sept. 27, 2007


It should have just ended as soon as this goes live, and I am probably rewatching it again right now.



Hey guys, Do Feed The Bears just ended, so go weep for me, will ya? Also, Rushton used me as a punchline. Again. Go fuck him up for me.

Day 161 - THE OFFICE

Allan on Sept. 28, 2007


Did I mention that already? Ah well. If you missed it, then FIND IT ONLINE AND WATCH IT. Season 4, baby! Season 4!!

PS. I love my girlfriend. She is one of my only friends who watches The Office, and that makes her special right there.

And did you forget about Scott? Because I didn't. Because I saw him today and bugged him. That was fun.

PPS. I drew eyeballs on myself this time. Just for the effect. I know it looks weird.

PPPS. I like the way this one came out.

PPPPS. I'm going to go watch The Office again.

PPPPPS. I might be gone this weekend. I'll have to check what I'm doing tomorrow. If I don't see you guys, that's why.

Talk to you all later! Check out Dande!

Day 162 - The Wood Ultimatum

Allan on Sept. 29, 2007

This happened on Friday, but I really wanted to put up yesterday's strip before this one, because The Office was still fresh on my mind.

So Izzy's asking about the comic? Wtf, guys. Why do girls have to be so nosy? And why does Rob care about the comic and being in it so much? I thought he didn't read it?

Rob, if you're out there, make an account and freakin' comment or something!

And that's my notes for tonight, guy. Tomorrow's strip might be late. It depends on what I'm doing–but Dande will be on time!–so you can check up on that!

Night guys!

Day 163 - Dande

Allan on Oct. 1, 2007

Sorry about the missed update yesterday guys, I had stacks of homework that was due on Monday. That, and I needed to rewatch a few more episodes of the first season of Lost.

So sue me. No–don't sue me–that wasn't the point I was trying to–

Ha. Another The Office reference.

Oh man, while I was typing that, I typed “Thee” instead of “The” and that gave me a great idea for a voting incentive in case I ever decide to start up on Buzzcomix. I bet you can all image what it'd be.

Anyway, I still need to eat some dinner, so I'll get to that, and I'll keep the stream of comics constant hopefully throughout the week (or do I have a test? I can't remember). Night!

PS. I was drawing Dande in class today (which is the only reason I draw Dande (so I have something to draw in class)) and if you want to read the new chapter starting today called “Scripture,” you can. Here. Late!

Day 164 - Rob/Izzy

Allan on Oct. 2, 2007

Rob has read my comic recently. I know that for a fact. What I don't know is how well Izzy came across as being a crazy bitch, because Rob seems to be oblivious to it. I told him she's crazy, and he just went on and on about the whole "she's too cool , man.“

Then my friend Talekyn started talking about my ”secret maybe out,“ which I then followed up with ”What do you mean,“ and he reminded me that people will reveal secrets other people want to know to make themselves seem cooler. I told him I'm going to talk to Rob tomorrow.

Also, do you guys know the band ”Toadies?“ Man. Toadies. Man. They're on Guitar Hero II, they're the ”Possum Kingdom" band. They are really good. Go listen to them if you have the means!

And that's it. I'm out for tonight. I have more studying to do, so lemme get to it!

PS. I told you guys I'm not gunna be linking to Dande anymore for plugs, and I guess I won't be, so for all of those readers over there, thanks for letting it hold your interest! I'm out!

Day 165 - Rob/Izzy 2

Allan on Oct. 3, 2007

No comment tonight, guys.

There is a part two.

Day 166 - Rob/Izzy 3

Allan on Oct. 4, 2007

You heard me guys. Rob is going on a “date” with Izzy on Friday.

Believe it or not I stretched this event of one two days (Tuesday/Wednesday) over the next 3 (which makes 5), so I hope you guys are enjoying this (I'm not).

Also, I'd just like to say even though I put my thoughts and actions online and give you guys the chance to voice your opinions, I really don't want anyone judging me. Sometimes I do stuff you guys might not agree with, I don't want to think I've got people reading this going "For shame.“ (though I'm sure some of you will say that now just to be funny)

Anyway, I dunno. There's nothing in here judge-worthy, I'm just saying in the future.

Why'd I put ”date" in quotes you might ask? IMO, this is not a date, but you'll see why in the near future.

Later guys.

PS. I mentioned the strip to Rob briefly, but did not go into any details because I trust him a little more than that (I've only known the guy for 7 years). I'm out.

PPS. Here's something that's making me feel a little better: The Office, guys. And 30 Rock. And My name is Earl. I'm watching them all.

PPPS. Here's another thing: Serj Tankian.

Day 167 - Rob/Izzy Commentary: Ryan

Allan on Oct. 5, 2007

Blissfully ignorant is how I'd describe Ryan. I felt a little worse today than yesterday, seeing as how I'm alone with my thoughts right now.

Rob and Izzy are on this “date” right now (or some time around now) and I wonder what they're doing and how it's going.

PS. I have a Webcomic List account now. I'm not sure what to do with it, but I got one!

Day 168 - Rob/Izzy Epilogue

Allan on Oct. 6, 2007

This is still from Thursday. This is why I didn't consider their “date” a date. D&D? I mean, it may be fun and all? But it's not like you can make out during D&D…

…oh wait, yes you can.

PS. I have a Webcomic List account now! It's earned me a few hits, which is pretty cool for me not having to do much. If there are any new readers coming here from over there, hi!

Day 169 - Rob/Izzy Afterthoughts

Allan on Oct. 7, 2007

This was written on Saturday, but was just finished being drawn RIGHT NOW.

Don't worry though, it will re-catch-up to real life come tomorrow when I get to talk to Rob about the whole thing. That'll definitely go up.

So, uh, remember Third Eye Blind? I got their discography and man: it brings back some memories. I haven't heard them since I was like 6 or 7. I forgot how many good songs they have/had.

And that's it! Nothing else! Just me, gunna go eat some dinner and maybe play Guitar Hero! Later skater.

EDIT: I edited the Characters section under that “About” button. I added Izzy and also added links, so if you click on any of the pictures you can see the first page those characters appeared in.

Day 170 - Rob/Izzy Aftermath 1

Allan on Oct. 8, 2007

This is part 1 of at the minimum 3. A lot of shit happened today.

OK guys. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I am not Sean Pendergrass of Bird And Worm. I am also not Norv Haskell. If you read Bird and Worm you will know I commented on there saying I was, but that was just to play along with the joke.

There's a big hoax going on over there about how Sean left the comic to a Platinum Studios artist named Norv Haskell and rather than you guys getting sucked into the stupidity, I suggest avoiding it entirely, even boycotting it (Don't read the strip.). The admins are getting fed up with what he's doing, so he will most definitely stop soon.

I am very aware that because I said this you will want to read it it, but I urge you not to. All Sean did was draw Bird and Worm horribly and write bad jokes with reversed characters. It's really stupid.

As for how I know it's a joke? SpANG told me, and he told me it was confirmed by Platinum Studios, so it's OK he's doing this, but it's obviously a ploy for more pageviews (sad thing is it's working). Here's what SpANG told me:

It's a joke, I just found out. Approved by PS.

And I couldn't quote that if it wasn't true.

Do me a favor and continue to not read it.

As for other stuff I had a great idea for T-Shirts that I was wondering if any of those who are interested in shirts could tell me if they'd be interested in this.

Basically I'd buy a few blank, plain T-Shirts (guys' or girls' based on orders) and draw a specific character on them from Allan that you guys specify. The pose will be up to me, but if you want them, like, saying something with a speech bubble or something, I could swing that. I've still gotta buy fabric pens and stuff, but you'd be able to choose from, like, 10 different colors of inks, and they'd all be signed/original/one-of-a-kind (though some might be similar).

I dunno. Give me your opinion in the forums (I haven't made a thread for it yet).

I also updated the characters section under the “About” page, so check that out if you want to view my opinion on Izzy.

And that's it. I think there's more information about the shirts, but I just can't remember. I've been grilling Math homework for the past 3 hours and I'm kinda burnt. Night guys!

Day 171 - Rob/Izzy Aftermath 2

Allan on Oct. 9, 2007

Yeah guys. I'm dragging this out for as long as possible. Don't worry, I'm building up a buffer so that I won't miss many comics. I'll also try to keep it as up-to-date as possible (nothing all that special is happening, anyway).

So. Uh. Guess what?

Bonus comic! Based off yesterday's “Rob Sense.” I dunno. I thought it was funny.

And, uh, I feel like doing something a little fun, so if you go to my forum and post some pictures of yourself in this thread I'll render you into my “Allan” style. Note: If I see no pants, then you'll get the standard black stick legs I love drawing so much.

And I can't promise how close each one is going to look to their owner, but I figure it might be kinda fun, for everyone (no promises on when I'll get ‘em done, though).

So do it if you want to, and I’ll just be around. Chillaxin. Late!

I'm sorry I have to say this, but "Allam" is not me. Don't get sucked into whatever foolish joke whoever (Sean, probably) is trying to play on me. At least we know that the mature one is a 16-year-old.

Day 172 - Rob/Izzy Aftermath 3

Allan on Oct. 10, 2007

I'm totally over this since it's Wednesday now and this all happened on Monday, but it's really fun stretching it out this long. I have a buffer now! An actual buffer! Woop!

And, uh, who wants extra stuff? Because I made some! It's for a contest over here at YWIBAYSFB, and I hope to winnit! Yeeha!

Basically I'm playing off on the lack of emotion in Buckley's characters' faces, and Kurtz's … uh … Panda Attacks.

And if you haven't stopped by the forum to drop off your photo, go ahead and do it, because I'm'a draw you if you do! In Allan style! Woop!

Oh, and also remember, I am not Allam. I'm not sure if they banned him yet, but Allam is not Allan.


Day 173 - Rob/Izzy Aftermath 4

Allan on Oct. 11, 2007

2 more strips and this thing is resolved. Hope you guys are ready for the facts.

PS. OFFICE TONIGHT! Watch it. (30 Rock and Earl, too)

And that's it. Nothing else. Nothing! I've got stuff to get ready for tomorrow, and I can't be bothered! Busy, busy, busy! Dragon Warrior Monsters.


I finished the caricatures! Check 'em out.

Day 174 - Rob/Izzy Aftermath 5

Allan on Oct. 14, 2007

Oh man you guys. I know I left it on a cliffhanger and I'm sorry for missing these past two days, but I didn't have access to a scanner, and what good is a buffer if it's not in the computer? Anyway, the “final” strip of this whole “Rob/Izzy” ordeal will be tomorrow. Monday. Then normal strips return! Again, sorry for the wait.

Notice the lack of backgrounds in this one? I wanted it to focus only on the conversation between Rob and I, and I think I did a pretty good job. But you guys be the judge.

Anyway, I want to do some digital art, but right now I'm kinda tired/getting ready for school tomorrow, so maybe check MM tomorrow or something if you've got the means. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get anything up, but maybe I can get something there through my Digital Arts class.

Also, that thing in the forums where you post pictures and I draw them? Yeah, that's still going. You can still do that and I'll get around to them when I can.

Cya later guys!

EDIT: Head over to MM to see some Ahab fan art! And other various arts.

Day 175 - Rob/Izzy Aftermath Finale

Allan on Oct. 15, 2007

A good conclusion or a bad one? You guys be the judge. I believe I did a pretty good job summing it up here, and this explains why I wasn't so beat up afterwards about it. Was this a twist? Did you guys expect this?! I DIDN'T!

Hah. Anyway. 3 times as long! Took a whole sketchbook page. And about 1-2 hours more time, as well. It was worth it. Was it worth it? I kept the backgrounds out of it for most of it to simulate connection, until backgrounds were needed. I think I'm getting the feel for using art to express things! Hur.

And this whole story that I did? This was ALL done without pencils. NO PENCILS. This was all straight inks. I know, sometimes the characters looked a little funky, but I think it was worth it. Makes it look more… better and fluid.

OH. MAN GUYS. Guess who rocked the town and made me some awesome fanart? Yeah, that's right, it's the pixel artist/regular artist JOE. THANKS JOE! (Man guys, I really need to make a page JUST for fan art. That'd be good.)

And side news: Dande is climaxing (ew) its Chapter 2, and Chapter 3 starts up tomorrow('s update).

Plus that picture thing in the forums (where I draw you) is still going on.

Man, I have a lot of news.


Day 176 - A Good Idea

Allan on Oct. 16, 2007

Note: this is Tuesday's strip. Don't worry though, I'm'a catch back up within a week. Tomorrow's will be Wednesdays and the next one will be Friday's. Then I will skip the weekend, and just jump on over to Monday/Wednesday/and it should be around Friday/Monday then. It will work out, don't you guys worry!

And if something really important happens, I'll ignore the schedule and tell you about it.

Glad you liked the conclusion/finale to the Rob ordeal, though these next few pages will also include details from it. Because my friends didn't know what I knew. So I told them. Yep.

And I've updated MM as well. Go check out some pencil sketches, like one, where this guy has a robot head for a head, only, it's not all that robotic. Maybe I'll edit that one (it's based on the song “Machinehead” by Bush).

Alright guys. I'm out. I'll get around to the forum pictures before this week ends, and I'll make sure to make a note here when I'm done! Cya!

PS. My avatar blinks now, by popular request.


Day 177 - Baby

Allan on Oct. 17, 2007

Note: This is from Wednesday of last week, so this is old news. Don't worry, it'll catch up sooner than later.

Yeah guys. What's up? I still haven't done those portraits in the forum, but you can still post your pictures and I'll get around to them. I thought I'd have time tonight, but I went to hang out with Ryano tonight at Starbucks. Yeah. Fun times.

That's all for tonight. Check out MM if you get the chance… I sketched a real machine head for yesterday's update, so I think I'll blend them together and see how it looks.


EDIT: I'm down to 94% Threat Level. You guys can come one step closer.

Day 178 - Meet Ricky

Allan on Oct. 18, 2007

Note: This is Friday's strip.

As I've found out after getting to know him a little better, he prefers to be called Ricky.

If you want to know a *little* more about him, check out the “About” page, because I added him in there.

And as for other stuff? If you missed The Office then that's too bad, because it was definitely good (I haven't watched it yet).

And the forum thing. If you want your picture drawn, post it in there. I'm not sure if this will be the last batch of portraits I will do or not, so make sure to get it there! I will probably have them done by tomorrow!

That's it for me! I'm out to eat something!

Day 179 - Grandma's

Allan on Oct. 19, 2007

Note: This is Sunday's strip.

My Grandma isn't the most generous person in the world. I think that came across well.

So, I feel like I'm getting sick. It kinda sucks. Oh wait, no, it really sucks. Because tomorrow is the weekend and that's the WORST TIME TO BE SICK AUGH. That and finals. But I don't have those.

So, uh, still no characters in the forum done. Don't worry, I'll get on it if I don't come down with a 104 degree temperature.

And if you're wondering what happened to Dande, it's being moved as soon as I can, and will be back up for reading within 2 months.

Cya later, guys!

Day 180 - Ricky 2

Allan on Oct. 22, 2007

So I missed yesterday's and the day before's strips, entirely because I was sick (and still am).

You can always tell when I'm sick by how badly the strip is drawn and how little amount of detail it put in it.

And that's it! This is Wednesday's strip, so we're catching up a lot quicker now, and soon we'll be caught up (I predict by Friday).

Night guys.

EDIT: Fixed a typo I forgot about.

Day 181 - Sick 1

Allan on Oct. 23, 2007

This is Friday's strip.

Also, drawn while I was sick.

EDIT: Came across this accidentally. Thought it was kinda cool.

EDIT2: I meant to say I came across THIS. Ah well.

Day 182 - Sick 2

Allan on Oct. 24, 2007

Apparently I also write very short Author's Notes.

This was Sunday's strip.

Day 183 - Sick 3

Allan on Oct. 25, 2007

Apparently I'm very blunt when I'm sick.

This Monday's strip in case you didn't catch that.

EDIT: I forgot to mention this, but Fern made me some fanart. Thanks Fern!

EDIT 2: My warning level is down to 85%! Just 85 more days until I'm safe again!

Day 184 - Sick 4

Allan on Oct. 26, 2007

And thus brings my sick saga to a close. Sorry if I bored you with my health (this was Tuesday's strip).

So, uh, speaking of Booing things, I'm not sure if I am gunna be doing anything for Halloween. We'll see.

And sorry about not getting this strip up sooner–Drunkduck wasn't functional last night so I couldn't get to it.

Alright! Regular strips tomorrow!

Day 185 - Halloween

Allan on Nov. 1, 2007

Ok, so I've got some big news and some explaining. First comes the explaining, then comes the news.

Basically I needed a short break for school, relaxation, and preparation. I had a test in just about every one of my tests this week/last, and I really needed some time to stop the comics and get some good grades on those. So there's that reason.

Next, I needed some relaxing in my spare time. Those who know me on AIM know I usually sign on at night… I didn't. I didn't want to talk, I just wanted to relax.

Finally, preparation. Preparation? Preparation you ask? For what? Well that brings us to our big news.

The 600The 600The 600. That is, the 600 comics you will be reading over the next 30 days, 300 that I will make, and 300 that Wilson will make. That is right. 300 over 30 days each. By the end of the month we will have approximately 2 years worth of comics done. Will they be superior comics in the form of wit and writing? No. Art and dialoge? No. Will they be totally epic because of the sheer amount of them? Yes. Absolutely. I'm sure that the fact that we will go through so many jokes will make up for the layout/writing/art. So check out The 600. Check it out numerous times daily, because Wilson and I will be uploading comics constantly. That's right. Over and over throughout the day. Enjoy if you will. We're already at 15-20 and we've only been doing it 1-2 days.

And that's it. I'll have more Allan-related stuff come up tomorrow/the next day. Don't forget about The 600, though!


Day 186 - Key to the City

Allan on Nov. 3, 2007

The 600 is going pretty well (which you need to check out/catch up on if you haven't already). We're about 3 days in and both of us are past 30 comics, so we're ahead of schedule.

Also, I didn't include Ryan (or, “Wilson”) in this strip. Why? I'unno (he's not pretty enough?).

Anyway, so, things are going good now. I'm healthy. I'm pretty caught-up on homework, and I'm getting at least 10 comics a day done. That sounds pretty great, right?

Also: I know that chick in real life, and yes, she uses the word “bishi.” *shudder*

And guys! I totally missed Scrubs/The Office/My Name is Earl the other day! Luckily, The Office was on season record, but since I haven't changed Scrubs or Earl because of their new seasons I missed ‘em. Luckily I downloaded Scrubs so I got to see it. Now I just need to catch up on Earl (Nick tells me 30 Rock didn’t air).

Alright then. That's it. I'll catch you cats on the flip-side. Don't forget to turn your clocks back an hour because the farmers need more light.


Day 187 - Kiss Ass

Allan on Nov. 4, 2007

The 600 is hitting 100 strips tonight. It's only our 4th day. Kind of impressive (to me (and Ryan (Wilson))).

As for this strip, yeah, today was a pretty work/relax day, so nothing much happened. I know you guys prefer the “what happened to you today” strips, but sometimes I JUST. CAN'T. DELIVER.


Tomorrow will be fun because I'm going to be showing all my friends my 10-comic-a-day comic (The 600) and get to listen to what they say. I'm sure most of them will love it (because most of them have no artist background), but Rob will probably be like: “The drawings are bad.”

Then I'll be like: “Yeah, that's the point.”

And then I will punch him in the face.

Oh us.

That's it! Thanks for reading, you guys. I'm off to get sommore food to eat. Later!

Day 188 - Rickedy Guitar

Allan on Nov. 6, 2007

Seems like this thing is going from a daily comic to an every-other-daily comic.


Anyway, yeah, I told him, he wasn't all that thrilled, but that's only cuz he doesn't know what is behind the whole thing. He's just like “Oh cool,” and read some. I told him to stop by some time and how to navigate and what to do and such. Maybe he will.

And as for The 600, Ryan (not the emo Ryan from the strip) and I have decided on a contest prize: the loser has to make a week's-worth of comics for the winner.

The winner can use ‘em whenever he/she wants to.

So stop by and watch the action unfold. We’re on day 6 now and we're up to, like, 110-120 now. Pretty cool!

Day 189 - The Walk

Allan on Nov. 7, 2007

Hoooooman. First of all I hate public transportation. Secondly I hate walking from their stops to my house, because my house has no stops near it. Yeah. 5 miles can be fun if you *want* to walk it… but I really didn't.

Did I mention it was pitch black because of the daylight savings time? Oh thank the farmers for that! I really needed *less* light at night!

Hey did you guys see Ricky stop by here? He commented on the last page. Congrats to Ricky for being the first person from my real life to make an account and comment on my comic! Hi Ricky.

I'll plug The 600 (which I haven't updated yet but I will in just a few minutes), just because it's still going (and will go until the end of the month), and that will be it for tonight. I'll chat with you guys later!

I'm out!

Day 190 - Dr. Cox

Allan on Nov. 10, 2007

Yeah. This is digital. As explained in this strip, I have no access to any scanner this weekend, so you might get another digital strip before the weekend has ended.

In other news, I'm hitting 100 strips in The 600 very, very soon (I have them all made, I just have to upload them), so check that out! I'll appreciate it (and maybe Wilson will, too).

So. Crysis has amazing graphics. I can run it on medium graphics like cake, which really gets by, so that's awesome. Lots of things to do with the game, and I've only got them demo. So. Rock on.

Alright. Night guys. I'll try to update tomorrow night (but no promises). Cya!

Day 191 - The Park

Allan on Nov. 11, 2007

2nd Digital one. It's kinda fun to make digital strips, but also kinda not.

I dunno. Do you guys prefer this? I don't think I want to switch to digital, but if it's less time consuming and it looks better I'm not sure.

Again, what do you guys think?

Also: Yay for over 200 pages on The 600!

PS: Darkchibishadow made me a lot of fan art! 

Go give her* some kudos for all that work!

Day 192 - Veteran's Day

Allan on Nov. 12, 2007

Happy Veteran's Day, all you veterans out there! Glad you guys fought in the war! It was super cool of all of you!

Thanks a bunch!

In other news: Acadia made me some fan art in hopes to regain his earlier fanbase. If you have forgotten about his strip "Applied Living," remember it because it's back!

Go visit it.

Also: The 600.


Day 193 - Funny, Teach. Funny...

Allan on Nov. 14, 2007

I hate teachers who think it is ever funny to joke about homework. Ever. Talekyn, take this as an example: never joke about homework. Ever.

It felt good to draw with a real pen, though. On real paper. And scan it with a real scanner.

I think I'm going to keep The 600 digital, though. It seems nicer, cleaner, and easier and it fits The 600's style a lot better.

The 600 (almost to 300 pages!).

So I'll chat with you kit-kats later. As Nickatwork once told me:



Day 194 - How's Jen Doing?

Allan on Nov. 19, 2007

You'd be suprised how many people have asked me this (OK, no you wouldn't because it's only a few… but still).

Short and simple. More tomorrow!

I forgot to mention: The 600! (I'm all caught up!)

Day 195 - Essays

Allan on Nov. 29, 2007

Not essays as in homies, but essays as in PAPERS. Lots and lots of papers. So many papers.

So, I really should tell you guys what's been going on: so I will. The 600 is CONCLUDING tonight. That's right. The 600 is over. Kaput. Finished. Finito, even. It is gone until aliens come down from space and decide they want to resurrect it and clone baby 600's from it.

Because The 600 is done, I will be coming back to “Allan” with a fervor like never before (I believe I have said this before, but now, I am saying it again, except like never before). I'm also working on a few smaller projects, both of which I will tell you about right now.

First: Xum, a new comic offspring on The 600. It's similar to The 600, except it's only once a day and there is no competition. It's just comics for comics. Also, it's based off a word *I* invented, which is always cool. There's no comics there yet, so no need to check it out, but there will be in a day or so.

Second: Mediocre Militia is really picking up, and they're starting off their pick-up with a group sampler book. This is cool, because now we can sell stuff at cons and get our name out there. Thank Riot for spotting the bill.

Why am I talking about this? I'm making a 6-page ministory to go along with the sampler, and it will involve everyone's favorite character from Allan: The Blue Squire (maybe Octopus-tentacle-sleep-monster, too)! So, I'll tell you guys when I'm done with that and maybe show you a sneak peek.

Wish me luck on these things I'm doing! I'll try to keep everybody happy!

Day 196 - Cup Half Empty

Allan on Dec. 3, 2007

Some of you might not understand why I'm portraying my weekends as I am here. Others will. I dunno… it's a difference of perspective I guess. Life isn't always happy and amazing. There's good and bad and I noticed I've been focusing only on the good. Here's a little bad. Not too much bad, but bad enough for me to enjoy how realistic this is being made.

For those of you curious, though, I will now tell you what I did this weekend by quoting an internet convo between Ryan (Wilson) and I.

Ryan and Allan's Internet Convo
rjwilsono1: So what's been keepin' you busy?
rjwilsono1: School?
justallanwood: neh
justallanwood: Saturday
justallanwood: we did all this gay cleaning around the house
justallanwood: then
justallanwood: THEN
justallanwood: I went over and hung out at Ryan's house for the night
rjwilsono1: That'sc ool
rjwilsono1: Not the cleaning part
justallanwood: then we just chillaxed and played like a ton of SSB Melee
rjwilsono1: Really? That's cool
justallanwood: then
justallanwood: THEN
justallanwood: We went to a 16+ club
justallanwood: Jen couldn't make it
justallanwood: so we just danced with random chicks

And there we go. Allan's weekend. Hence why I didn't get comics up in any of my projects.

Working on more stuff as fast as possible. I'll keep everyone in the loop!

Day 197 - All Study

Allan on Dec. 7, 2007

Do you guys recognize where this page is from?


Hope you all understand my tardiness with all of my projects and not just Allan. I'd love to work on Xum, as well, but I'm still feeling The 600 and I haven't gotten many good ideas recently.

Plus school. I know, I know; college is a hell of a lot worse, but still–this is bad.

So, that's it for now. I'll try to update whenever I can.

Day 198 - Almost Final!

Allan on Dec. 12, 2007

Today was a good day. I've always liked Wednesdays… I'm not sure why.

I felt really complete today, and I think that is reflected well in today's strip. Plus Christmas is coming, and that's always tons of fun! Especially all the hard work!

I won't know my final grades in my classes for a week or so (until they're mailed to me), but they're definitely coming soon.

Also, did I mention I'm out of school this week? A lot of schools get out next week… well ha-ha to them (Ryan Wilson). Your schools are gay (not in a Talekyn-like, way, though (I had to clarify that or he'd make some kind of joke like “What sex are the schools? Are they gay or lesbian?” and I'd just be like: “UGH.”)).

So. That's it for now. The scripting has been done for the Blue Squire 6-page saga and I'm working on sketching up the comics now. Then all I gotta do is scan in the pencils and the rest will be digitally done. It'll be great. I hope if you guys can get it (either by going to WW in LA (or maybe Riot might work out some sort of internet purchasing ability)) you enjoy it.

Night all. It's 1:21 am here.

Day 199 - Holidays

Allan on Dec. 30, 2007

Wow. It's been a while, hasn't it? I hope no one missed me too much? I sure missed making strips. And it looks like Freux and a few of my other friends are back from being gone as well! That's super cool.

So, uh, Christmas, huh?

I didn't ask for much this year, and I didn't get much, either. But I got what I asked for. Money, clothes, taking my permit test come next week, a video game called Crysis, and I went out and saw Juno and I am Legend, two AWESOME movies.

So I had a pretty good time. A really good time. Plus I spent it all with my grandparents in Ohio, which is always boss (I don't usually use the word boss, but I figured I would to emphasize my point).

Also, sadly, because of my busy Christmas I wasn't able to get the whole “Blue Squire” story done in time, so instead I drew up an “About the Author” page and rearranged the whole Rob/Izzy plot into a 5-page story. I kinda feel bad about it because I really wanted to do something epic, but with the holidays and everything it was pretty hectic and unproductive. I figure it'll give new readers a good look at what I make, and it'll give ‘em a good feel for what I like to do.

And that’s it for tonight! I got back to school next week (still haven't gotten semester grades, strangely, so I don't know how I did), and then I take my permit test!

Later all!

Day 200 - He is Legend

Allan on Jan. 3, 2008

Will Smith is awesome, guys. I mean, come on. “Welcome t' Earth.”

Who can beat that line? I challenge anyone to beat that line.

Also, this is Day 200. I totally forgot about that before I drew this. Oh well. I was hoping to do something special.

Alrighty, well, that's that, then. I'm gunna go back to surfing YouTube videos now. Have fun everyone!