Day 0 - An Introduction

Mar 30, 2009

It has been roughly TWO YEARS since I started "Allan" and I still feel like I am going strong! This strip (will soon be color) will welcome all new readers and hopefully give them a feel for the existing comic, and what they are actually getting into.

Anyway, new readers, if you are reading this, welcome!--it is great to have you! I created this particular strip because I had a lot of people tell me my comic gave off a "bad first-impression," but once the reader got into the first 5-10 strips, they really enjoyed it. I hope to counter that with this!

This doesn't give away as much information as I would've liked it to, but I can always add more later (with computers I hear we can do ANYTHING)! Until then, though, this is An Introduction. I hope you enjoy it!

PS. If you'd like to know more, I suggest checking out the About or Extra page. They are chocked full of info!


Day 1

Feb 14, 2007

Let's see where this goes, guys.

Day 2

Feb. 15, 2007

Thanks for all the constructive/supportive comments, guys–I never thought I'd get any so fast.

Day 3

Feb. 16, 2007

Again, all ya'll, thanks for the comments, and the “I like your style”'s. It really makes me want to keep making these.

Day 4

Feb 17, 2007

I actually just got back from Medieval Times, I'll make another comic to tell you all how it was! Oh, and man, wow. I mean, all these comments, it's like I'm in comment heaven! It's great! Thank you all so much!

Day 5

Feb. 18, 2007

Being typed while I'm sick… …Getting dizzy, more tomorrow (hopefully I'll feel better).

Day 6

Feb. 19, 2007

I'm still sick with a 103 degree fever, but at least I'm missing school tomorrow.

Oh, and have you checked out Applied Living? I'm sure you have, because you'd be completely lame if you hadn't.


Day 7

Feb. 20, 2007

It's really hard to think up new ideas for comics when you're sick.


Day 8

Feb. 21, 2007

First off: Yes, I know that's a brachiosaurus, but the point still stands.

And, oh yeah, I'm still sick–only now I have medicine to take!


Day 9

Feb. 22, 2007

Still sick, but at least the medicine is helping.

Now, I'm ready for bed.

Day 10

Feb. 23, 2007

Tenth page! Also, I'm confident I'm feeling better now! Now I can get back to writing the good pages, and reading all the good comics I've missed since I've been sick!

Day 11

Feb. 24, 2007

I wanted to try uploading a page from mid-day instead of at 10:00 the night before.

Just to see if anything different will happen.

Day 12

Feb. 28, 2007

Sorry about my unexcused absence. I'll try to make it up to you guys. And thanks for all my fans who are sticking with me! You're awesome!

Day 13

March 1, 2007

I wish I could get some snow out here! It'd be awesome…

…only winter is ending soon.

Day 14

March 5, 2007

Woah guys! I'm sorry I didn't do any Allan this weekend, but I have these visits every other weekend I have to go to! Oh no! So, Allan's still updated daily, though! Really! It's an autobiography for a reason!

So thanks to all you guys who've been reading Allan and checking back daily! I've got updates coming out the wazoo now!

Day 15

March 6, 2007

Jen is awesome. And cute!

Day 16

March 7, 2007

Day 17

March 8, 2007

I didn't add words to yesterday's comic, and I think you guys picked up why.

Anyway, I'm just getting back from the party now. Tomorrow's comic should tell you how it was!

Day 18

March 9, 2007

Nothing happened with Jen, but maybe something will soon. Here's to hoping!

Day 19

March 10, 2007

Everyone always says, “Man, I have the weirdest dreams.”

They're probably right. We probably all have the weirdest dreams!

Day 20

March 11, 2007

20 pages already? That's cool. If hadn't missed any days, we would be at, like, 24, but 20's good enough for me!

Anyway, wow, you guys rock. I never thought I'd be getting such positive feedback from these few scribbles about my life! Thanks a whole lot, alla'ya!

Day 21

March 12, 2007

Man, oh man oh man.

Man. You guys know?

Girls. Right?


I mean come ON.

By the way: You all rock.

Day 22

March 13, 2007

Ryan's a little out there…

…but we get along just fine.

Edit: HEY. Check it out: Wikipedia Entry for Allan!

Isn't that cool?

Also, I'm going to be adding some Links and Forum sections to the top of the page, so look out for those! (Maybe today, maybe tomorrow.)

Day 23

March 14, 2007

Spring Break is in approx. 2 weeks. That means there will be about 9 more updates before I leave (leaving on the 23rd).

If any of you think you can contribute to my absence (like, some fan art or something), it would help TREMENDOUSLY! I don't plan to not be updating this comic very often, but when it happens, it happens because of emergencies. I'm going to ask Black Kitty or Skool Munkee if they can mention something on the front page about me needing some fan art.

Anyway, if you think you can help, PQ me. Thanks again, guys!

Edit: I have the forum up now, and there's a thread where you can tell me if you can help out or not. Here's the link.

Day 24

March 15, 2007

This is one of those “I didn't give you the whole story because I wanted to spice it up for the reader”-type deals. I did finally get what band Jen likes, and I'm going to google up some tickets to a concert. Only thing is, with this funeral coming up I can't do it before the break–so I guess she'll have to wait.

Alright. Also, I've been getting some awesome guest comics from you fans, and that rocks out of control, but if you're willing to make one and don't know what to make, here are some ideas:

1. A mock up comic (where you add yourself into the comic or just base the comic off of you) (this seems to be the most popular option).

2. A single picture of a character you like, maybe an illustration or something.

Those are the two most common that I know of, if you guys come up with anything else and want to contribute tell me if you can or not in the forum thread, and then PQ me with your entry. I'll try and return the favor!

Day 25

March 16, 2007

Day 25, guys!

And yeah, I finally asked Jen out to a concert. I told her the details weren't worked out yet, and she said she might want to bring her friend along, which I think is kinda cool. Is it? I'm not sure.

Anyway, I made a follow-up comic for this one, which I guess I'll update tomorrow, and then I'll work on … let's see … it'll be Sunday then? Sunday's.

Alright. Thank you all for your support! Oh, and if you can contribute to me leaving in any way, check out this thread right here! Thanks to everyone who's contributed so far!

PS. That song playing on my ipod is “Winter” by Joshua Radin. It is one of the best songs to wake up to, and it's got GREAT vocals! Definitely download it if you like some softer music every now and then!

Edit - acadia plugged my “going away” thread, so in return, I'm giving him a whole line of a plug. Thanks A!

Day 26

March 17, 2007

I'm ecstatic. Can't wait for TWO AND A HALF WEEKS! Ah well. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do…

Oh–and if you think you can contribute to me leaving on this “funeral trip,” check out this thread, and post if you can help! Thanks a lot!

Edit: Of course, I didn't call it “a date” as much as I just said “a concert…” but the facts are still there.

Day 27

March 18, 2007

I saw 300 on Sunday and MAN!–talk about highly stylized! I mean, if you want to be GRAPHICALLY entertained for 2 1/2 hours, then go see 300! REALLY!

Anyway, sorry I haven't been around much this weekend, I've been hanging out with friends (you know, those people I know in real life) and watching movies.

Is it just me, or (currently) is Wii Sports the best game for the Wii? Probably just me.

PS. I have NINE out of TWELVE strips filled (I sketched up 3 myself). I need THREE more strips by THURSDAY! (Here's a link with a little extra info)

PPS. That whole “I need guest material because I'm leaving for a funeral over Spring Break”-thing is still going on, so drop me a line in this forum if you can help out. Thanks to everyone who's participated so far! Every strip you make me is one less filler I have to bore the readers with!

Day 28

March 19, 2007

I was talking to Ryan the other day, and I know he's not emo (he's scene), but I just wanted to ask him anyway. Him and his witty retorts. What a guy.

PS. I updated this thread, and thanks to all of you, I only need ONE MORE STRIP!

I'd love TWO more, because then I don't have to stick up this stupid filler I made, but it's up to you guys… a filler, or a GUEST STRIP!

(This thread has the details)


Edit - Just hit 5,000 pageviews you guys! Thanks!

Day 29

March 20, 2007

I had another one of those weird dreams again…

Anyone remember this guy?

I drew him from memory, and I think I got him pretty close now that I'm looking at this picture… Hm.

Ah well. Back when I used to play with Legos, I had dreams like this all the time. Luckily, I don't have them very often anymore. Last night I was shocked to find I had one, and it was about candy pirates. That was fun.

Day 30

March 21, 2007

“Run Kid, Run” is this band that is kind of like: “Been there, done that.” However, that's not necessarily a bad thing, considering if someone has been there and done that, then the band is familiar, and easy to enjoy. I can honestly say I like “Run Kid, Run” and have a few of their songs on my ipod.

So now, I guess I'll check out if they're local, or if we'll just have to go check something else out. Either way, it's nice to know I've got Mandy behind me on the concert thing. She's cool.

Oh, and also guys, I'm at ELEVEN guest strips! If anyone else can make ONE or something by tomorrow night that'd be GREAT! PQ me if you're up to it! Thanks guys!

Day 31

March 22, 2007

The funny part is I think they were talking about a puzzle game on the class calculators the teacher gives out… but that's just a guess.

Oh, and guys! You rock! I have all'a the guest comics I need (and I think I might have a surplus as well)! Thanks to you guys I don't have to stress my trip, and I don't have to worry about my readers becoming bored. So that's awesome.

Thanks to all you guys who helped, and all you guys who read, and all you guys who are continuing to read and comment! Really! Thanks a bunch.

Day 32

March 23, 2007

This will be the first of another 12-14 automatic updates, so if you're reading this, I'm on a plane!

This is what's happened to me the past three times I've flown. I've been searched, I've been impatient-ed upon, I've been felt up and I've been violated.

But when I get on that plane it just makes everything fade away. I love flying. It's safe. It's secure. You get free Dr. Pepper. Honestly, why are people afraid of it? It rocks.

Guest strips start TOMORROW! Thanks again for helping me out in that department!

Day 33

April 4, 2007

Well!–I'm back from my trip. A long 11 days have passed, and I was so happy with all the guest strips that turned out! I hope you guys all enjoyed them as much as I did.

So it's back to the regular autobio comics like usual. I expected this one to be really long, but then I discovered planes are an awful place to try and draw comics. You can't focus, you can't sit still, and people keep trying to read what you're doing over your shoulder. Not my preferred environment if you know what I mean!

So, Allan's back, and come Monday I'm heading back to school. I'm so glad I get this week off for Spring Break! It rocks.

Time to catch up on some webcomics I've missed–I'll make sure to have a nice, long strip for you by tomorrow (Or regular size. Whichever)!

Day 34

April 5, 2007

Today was a really busy day. That's why you get this mini comic. We went shopping. Spent some money. Ate out. Saw a movie. You know–the works.

Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have some “To shed the light on that which hath occurred” comics. No promises, though. I hear-tell that there's gunna be a'cleanin' a'comin'! Hoo doggy!

PS. It's a bitch to draw on a napkin. The paper keeps on tearing.

Day 35

April 6, 2007

Part 1 of… probably 2. The trip was rather uneventful, so I'll just cue you in on the cool stuff. There was enough cool stuff to fill two strips. What's that tell you?

Oh, and those who thought yesterday's strip WASN'T drawn on a napkin (like I'm on trial here or something?), here's some proof if you didn't believe me.

Day 36

April 7, 2007

This pretty much sums up the trip. We swam at the hotel pool. We saw 300 again. Other than that, zip. Seriously. Boring.

Oh, and what is UP with cremation? I'm not sure if I'd want to be cremated or not when I die, but a lot of people these days seem to be taking that route. What's up with that? And airplane food?

Day 37

April 8, 2007

Happy Easter you guys! I know a lot of people have a whole bunch of fun on these days, so share your stories with me in the forum if you've got the time!

Why not, right?

Oh, and I'm hoping I'm getting a new scanner. If I do, you should see the precise linework and extreme detail I draw before it's cut out by my crappy can't-even-pick-up-pencil-lines scanner.

Maybe I'll make a strip about it.–oh wait, tomorrow's MONDAY! Back to school!

Day 38

April 9, 2007

But maybe I won't have to make it up much longer?

Oh, so check it out: Run Kid Run ain't playing in Cali anytime soon, but did you know they were a Christian band?

I had no freakin' idea. I haven't heard them talk about God once in their songs. Hm. Maybe there's and underlying subtext I'm missing here… or subliminal messages telling me to go to church! Oh crap. I'm getting a sudden urge to pray.

In other news, I'm rather happy to be back in school. Two weeks is enough break for me (I'm always bored to death over summer) so now I get to hang out with my friends again! Woo. Hm. I added a period there. That makes it sound rather sarcastic.

I should use that literary device more often.

PS. I was discussing generic comments with Slimredninja, and here's an exerpt I think everyone can take to heart:

"But, in all honesty, leaving generic comments isn't much better . I understand you think it's encouraging, but when I get comments like that, it just makes me feel like the reader doesn't care, and isn't worth my time.

I try (when I comment) to point out flaws, or impressive points of the comic, so the author knows his or her strong points. IMO, generic comments do nothing but frustrate the author, because he's getting some slipshod, overused, and re-churned-out comment, which has been passed around like a dirty Kleenex.

Sometimes I've commented , most of the time I haven't, mostly because that would reinforce generic comments, and that's something I just don't want to do. Maybe I've had it wrong this whole time, and really are reading the comics and giving honest opinion, but when give every comic click on a 5, it just doesn't make it seem like it's worth anything ."

Day 39

April 10, 2007

Woo! Day 39, but PAGE 50! Yay! This rocks! 50 pages in… 54 days!

BK made an announcement about it a few days ago, but it was kinda shuffled in with everything else, so I don't think anyone at all saw it. Ah well. Dem's da breaks. Maybe I'll re-PQ her.

Maybe I should do some extra stuff to catch up to that 54? I think it'd be cool to have 1 page for every day this comic has been going! That'd rock!

Notes on a Scandal–I mean comic:

Yeah. I really can't figure out the whole draw behind the Civil War thing. I mean, I know it's a big community thing just to have fun, but I'm already having fun making one comic, and I do NOT want to make another. Not only that, I hate sharing my ideals (however fake they are) with others… which is funny because I make an autobiographical webcomic.

Ah well. I did, however, sketch up a character which will look very familiar in order to tell people: “No, I don't want to play.”

Scanned it and traced it with a mouse. Yeah. I'm THAT good. (I'm not really, everything just looks better when you size it down)

Thanks for reading guys, and supporting me through these past 49 pages! Here's to 50 more!

PS. Some people have been asking me for a banner so they can share Allan with more people. I made one way back when (about 46 days ago) for Acadia, and it still holds true to the style, so, if you want to show my stuff off to your buds, here's an appropriately-sized banner to do it with!

Let me thank you in advance if you do plan to use it. Thank you.

Day 40

April 11, 2007

Hey guys. A lot of talk has been circulating around me lately. Here's what the grapevine has been saying:

1. I'm debunking the ratings system.
2. I'm debunking the Civil War.
3. I'm a Maverick.

And now it looks like I'm debunking all sodas other than Dr. Pepper.
Here's the what's-up, fo rizzle.

1. I'm not debunking the ratings system. I'm only saying what many have said before me, and many are still saying in the forum. The fives are great, and I appreciate those who can leave comments reflecting what they think. It's not that I don't appreciate the other plain 5's, I think those're great, too–it's just, leaving a comment reflecting the comic makes it so much more personal (except you crazyduck. You're excused from leaving comments).

2. Debunking the Civil War? Dudes, I love the Civil War. I just am not willing to participate. I'm sure I'd have loads of fun, and I love other people drawing my character, but I don't have time to go around other CW comics and pay close attention to them. Sorry! I'd love to play.

3. Well. That's pretty cool. I've never had a title like this before. Thank Tweebus for thinking it up. He is my informant in actions happening around me.

But on a lighter note, this is my 40th strip (I know, I'm just going to be bringing up #50 in a week and 1/2), and the 50 milestone has come and passed. I guess I don't get another one till page 100! That'll be in a month and 2/3 hopefully!

And as for my love for Dr. Pepper? I dunno. I just really like it. I wish there was a non-caffeinated version that I could drink before bed (one that wasn't diet).

Man. I'm going to Google that, now.

More comics tomorrow! Tomorrow's Thursday, right? Ugh, I have some homework to do.

Day 41

April 12, 2007

Maybe I didn't use the word “instead,” but I think that's what I meant.

So yeah. We're going to the movies tomorrow after school. I don't want to be cliche, but the movies are always fun. Always fun.

Grindhouse looks cool though. I doubt I'm going to take her to see it. I think I was just saying that for the joke. We'll check what else is out when we get there.

And… uh… that pretty much sums up today. Usually I have more to talk about! Man, tomorrow's Friday though. That's cool.

So. I dunno. Talk to you guys tomorrow!

PS. I just checked my TiVo. Dudes! I thought The Office's season was over, but I was surprised by TWO NEW EPISODES! Damn, you guys! I loved it! What a treat on a Thursday Night! Rockin'.

Day 42

April 13, 2007

And it wasn't bad at all!

Woah, woah, woah, woah!

This one's a little late! I bet you can guess why! That's right, I just got back from thing shin-dig with Jen about 50 MINUTES ago, so, like, I had to draw this one in a HURRY! You might see a few messy spots… that's cuz I didn't clean it up all the way–cuz it's so late!

Oh, and this is a two-parter! That's right, tomorrow tune in to hear how it ended!–but don't ask me how it ended, because I don't want to ruin the surprise for you!

Let's just say it was a happy ending, and now I feel like I've eaten 2 lbs of candy.

Sugar high!

Day 43

April 14, 2007

Ha ha ha ha ha HA! I told you it was a happy ending!

Some of you (Acadia) might've noticed I wasn't on AIM or YIM the past two nights; I didn't want to ruin the surprise! If anyone had asked, I probably would've burst it out in a spring of joy.

No seriously.

Anyway, this one's EXTRA long (the equivalent of 2 strips) because I had so much to fit in, not to mention the dramatic pauses and artist devices!

So! I don't know if me and Jen are “together,” but we definitely went “together,” and we definitely kissed “together.” Kids these days–so insecure.

And you know what the weird thing was? It was all out of instinct! That's right, it's like my mind went blank and I didn't even know what I was doing! It was crazy. And somewhat of a relief. In general = it rocked. Plain and simple!

Listen to me ramble on! I must be so excited!

There was something else I was–oh! Sorry about the late update, too. Usually I get these things here right at 10:00 PST, but this one and the last one have been a little delayed! Don't be hatin' though! I'll try and get these back on schedule!

So–Woo! That'll be all!

Day 44

April 15, 2007

Just some brainstorming today. I think it'd be awesome to see a 10-year-old's perspective on everything.

Of course, it would all be misspelled, and it would have far too many adjectives.

Oh, and yeah you guys. I can't drive. I'm 15. Didn't I tell you that already? No? Alright. 15.

And… ah… that's about it. Sorry for the late upload (again). I guess I was just having too much fun Sunday! (By the way, “The Prestige?” Awesome. Awesome to the max.)

PS. No. I have not seen The Illusionist. I'll check that one out next.

Day 45

April 16, 2007

This one is really, really late. Sorry about this one.

Though it's late, it's also very true. I was going to write about something today, but then *poof!*–it just disappears from my mind. Seriously, I should at least start making a note of my thoughts.

I mean, sure, I could always tell you about what happened at school with Jen and my friends, but who wants to hear that?–right?

I just like to take breaks from relationships and touchy-feely stuff every once in a while.

On a very similar note: I've been listening to The Killers a whole bunch lately! “I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier!”

Yeah. I'll leave you guys on that note.
And, ACADIA! I'm going to try to get your guest comic done tomorrow! I know you're strugglin', bud!

Day 46

April 17, 2007

Sometimes you wake up, and you're having a really bad day, then you get together with your friends, and the day skyrockets into something awesome. That's pretty much every one of my days.

Other than Fridays. I dunno why–I like ‘em. End of week probably?–definitely.

But guys, seriously, I’m looking for some good/cool/rockin' music, be it acoustic, rock, or other stuff. So Here's some music I listen to, tell me if you know any other good stuff to match with it!

The Killers, Incubus, Joshua Radin, System of a Down, 30 Seconds to Mars, Audioslave, Blue October, Breaking Benjamin, My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco, The Hives, Smashing Pumpkins.

Help me out here, I'm looking for sommore stuff.

Day 47

April 18, 2007

My parents aren't overbearing or anything, but what mother likes to hear something like that?

PS, that song in the first panel is “Bother” by “Stoned Sour,” probably their best song. That last one is “Let's Get Fucked Up and Die” by “Motion City Soundtrack.”

But check-it. You guys all gave me your tastes in music, and I'm rather satisfied (especially with you Heccubus. Holy crap.), but I didn't have time to check out all the bands. I'll work on it tomorrow and the next day.

And if you're wondering why this strip is late, blame it all on Acadia, who forced me to make him a guest strip (kidding).

Check it out, today.

And… ah. One other thing I noticed about everyone's music tastes was this: they all like the classics. I don't mean to put down on the classics, but they're old–and I've heard them so many times, I'm tired of 'em!

Either that or conformity to listen to hit radio stations is sinking in. Either or.

Night guys, and thanks for dropping by!

Day 48

April 19, 2007

I hate these kinds of dreams, where you think you're awake, but you're still sleeping, and you get no sleep at all. That's what I got last night, and I slept in really late and was late to school.

Ah well. Stuff happens.

As for all these music suggestions, I still haven't had time to go through them all! Life is busy. Life is busy.

And, uh, oh yeah, check out Applied Living today, Acadia has a “comic response” to my guest comic yesterday. Oh, and thank him for making me hit 630 hits in one day. Thanks Acadia!

And now, I depart, to watch a rerun of The Office! (it wasn't new tonight)

Day 49

April 20, 2007

I thought this was rather ironic, and somewhat iconic. Sure, I didn't want to share it with Ryan–if he finds out it's his own problem. I don't like meddling (though you wouldn't know from this comic).

So, ah, yeah. You guys know who Chris Cornell is? Lead singer from Soundgarden and Audioslave? Now he's off on his own since Rage Against the Machine got back together, and I guess he's soloing now? He did the new theme “You know My Name” from the new James Bond. It rocks. I love his voice. I wish I could sing–I'd try to sing like him.

Tweebus, my insider, told me about something called “Sexy Monday.” I'm not sure what that is, but I might have something for it. Or not. You never know.

So, ah, happy Friday! I'm not doing anything this weekend, so expect me to be around a lot. Or just message/email me (woodallan, or AIM: justallanwood).

Cya all later.

Day 50

April 21, 2007

Wow! This is my 50th Allan strip, which means it's the 61st strip, but 50 I've made all by myself! Cool.

And as for Rob not reading my comic recently, it's stupid. I mean, he must've gotten bored during the guest week or something (I, myself was not bored at all), but then he starts asking me about my life. Honestly Rob, if you need to know about my life, check out the comic. It's where I keep all the useful information and good gossip.

Oh, I don't know if you guys've noticed, but for the past week or so, I've been drawing these in pencil, then inking them, then erasing the pencil. It takes a little bit away from the graphic flow of the page, but it lets me fix typos and errors with text boxes and whatnot before they happen. Plus I get more foresight into the whole “where am I going to put this character” thing. Tell me if you've noticed, and if you have if you like it better or worse. I'm open to suggestions.

So take care guys! I'm off to go and debate whether to play more video games, or do some rightly needed homework.

Day 51

April 22, 2007

This page would've been on time tonight, but my hand started hurting while I was inking, so I took a break.

Plus, I was busy beating Oblivion.

And, ah, you guys know the band “Leroy?” He sings “Good Time?” You should download it. Just for some fun times. Y'know. Fun stuff.

Uhhh. Yeah. I procrastinated and have some homework to do right now. Talk to you guys after I don't fail History.

PS. I just checked out this new profile thing. More on that later, anyone else who hasn't been featured have this icon on there?

Day 52

April 23, 2007

Jen literally “glomped” me today. Really. She like, tackled me to the ground. Luckily some grass padded my fall. And I believe my life really did flash before my life, because as I was falling all I could think was: “This is totally going in the comic.”

(You also might've noticed I like to talk about what I write about in the comic the following day to those who don't (or haven't been) read the comic. I never mention the comic, mind you, I just talk along the same lines of what I had been thinking the night before.)

Also, I've noticed that Rob doesn't always look the same in every panel I draw him in… it's weird.

Anyway, have you guys checked out these new profiles? Of course you have, because I've added every single on of you to my friends list! I mean, you're my pal if you like my comic (yes, even you I Hate Dirt (you liked it at one point)). Anyway, I'm trying to spice up my profile, and I want Crazy Duck to upload that animation he did a while ago for me to Youtube so I can stick it up there!

And, oh, something just for fun, check out my high score on my profile for the CAT! game. Go on. Check. I dare you!

Day 53

April 24, 2007

One thing I've noticed about my drawing skills is that I'm horrible at drawing trucks (vehicles in general). Lookit that truck. It's supposed to be a Ford F250. F250s look like this


Anyway, yeah, today people just wouldn't try not hitting us–it was as though everyone in the entire world was aiming right for us. We must've dodged at least 4 cars on the way to school. FOUR!

It's like I'm a wanted man.

I also liked the way the text boxes came out in this one. They flow nicely with the eyes, and you read them in the right order. That's always a good thing.

And, uh, that's all for now, I guess. I really should stop drinking this Dr. Pepper. It's going to keep me up all night!

And don't forget! New episode of The Office on Thursday (Acadia)!

Day 54

April 25, 2007

I believe each of us control our own existence. I'm rather agnostic right now, religiously. I haven't really found my own way. Maybe I'll become a Buddhist.

Like, if I hadn't taken Jen out on that date, or if I hadn't asked her out on that date, or if that butterfly hadn't shaken it's wings in Taiwan…

I like thinking about stuff like that. It's rather liberating. I'm happy every single day I've got this free-thought stuff, and I plan on using it till I can use it no more.

You feel me?

Oh, and by the way: over the past few days my pageviews have been increasing ever so slightly. If this keeps up maybe someday I'll get as many as Acadia! A man can dream, can't he?

Thanks for readin'.

Day 55

April 26, 2007

Wow, what to say, what to say.

There's a whole bunch of news tonight! First: the comic.

I made this the period after I talked to this guy. He pronounces his name “See-moan,” and talked with that lisp that isn't a lisp? The really sharp “s” sound? You know the one? Yeah, I figured it'd be noteworthy.

Then, there's this guy named Wilson I know (from here). He's making some gaming comics up here on Drunk Duck. If you like games check them out. If you don't, check them out anyway. Maybe sure you check soon, because he's doing something with me and God in it… so don't forget to visit Reboot (his web comic) now and tomorrow and the next day.

Plus there's this other announcement of which I am now sharing:

I am now an official member of the Mediocre Militia! That's right, my friends over at the M² invited me to join them in their blog-tastic adventures, and I agreed. So now I'm doing that whenever I can. Stop on by to enjoy the show!
Here's a button so you can click it easier (I'll make my own button for it soon):

Oh, and check it out: if you are on PST time like I am, then you are still in awe from the awesome episode of The Office (I'm writing this pre-viewing) and Scrubs. You enjoyed it very much and are now replaying it to catch every moment you blinked and every minor, insignificant detail of which you can quiz your friends (who don't even watch the show) on, tomorrow.

Because that's what I'm doing!

Day 56

April 27, 2007

Yeah. It's official. We are now “Officially” together.

Officially. Whatever that means.

It's official.


Like, now, if it was in a legal case, they'd use it as evidence.

…that's pretty cool.

Oh, and incase you didn't catch it yesterday, I'm now a part of the Mediocre Militia, so check out this link and a few pieces of my work!

Day 57

April 28, 2007

I hang out with my friend's every other weekend or so. It's kinda a habit I've gotten into. One weekend to chillax with some buds, one weekend to sleep in and not do anything. Also, we make it a priority to throw mini-parties on those weekends of which I'm with them, so me and Ryan will probably do that.

I tried drawing Freux and Tera in that last panel somewhere, I don't know if you'll notice them or not. Either way, I wanted to incorporate some DD people on here (Don't think I'm calling you Ryan's booty-calls, though! I'm just kidding.).

Oh, and incase you didn't catch it yesterday, I'm now a part of the Mediocre Militia, so check out this link and a few pieces of my work!

I'll try and upload my comic tomorrow night… no promises, though! I might be having too much fun.

Day 58

April 29, 2007

You guys wanna know something? No one likes the chaperon at parties, and no one likes them in life, but I know that someone always has to play them. Always.

In other news, have you checked out all these bugs going on with Drunk Duck lately? I've noticed a whole buncha ‘em, which is to be expected when you get new features like these awesome profiles, but the newly updated strips ain’t working, a few trophies aren't working, and just some other mini bugs I've seen around lately have been, well, bugging me.

So, yeah. Me and Jen are like (excuse the expression) peas in a pod now. Kinda inseparable. I don't think I've ever been inseparable with anyone before; it's a great feeling. It's like, you want time to yourself?–but you'd rather talk to this person even more than you want to hang out by yourself, even if all you want to do is hang out with yourself.

Again, it's great.


Edit: Oh ho ho ho ho ho, now? What's this? A feature?! I believe I have been featured? Oh joy to be had! Joy to be had! I'd like to thank my fans, my admins, and of course my host. I'd like to thank my life for helping me think up all these great ideas, and I'd like to thank… Jen? Yeah sure. Thanks Jen!

One thing though: when have I ever said I could be lying? Hm? Interesting. I don't know when I stuck that down on the Author's Notes, but if I did, I was instilling question into the common man's mind, just to pose a psychological debate of the ages!

Again, really guys, thanks for your support throughout these past 69 (hee, hee) pages. Your comments and following has made “Allan” what it is today!

(Check out MM)

Day 59

April 30, 2007

Some days I don't have anything to write about and I have to draw from my innermost thoughts. Other days a whole bunch of stuff happens and I have to pick one thing. This comic explains how that works!

I've got another comic for today, though. I'll upload it tomorrow.

Here's a hint: It's about Ryan.

AND! Thanks again for the feature! I really enjoy all these new readers, and I hope you readers are enjoying this! It's a little different, but different is good?

PS. Check out The Mediocre Militia. I updated it tonight.

Night guys! Time to get some shut-eye.

Edit: I also completely forgot: I got this awesome piece of fanart from Kark yesterday that blew my socks off. She's good't stuff like this, so check out her comic, which should be starting, well, today!

Day 60

May 1, 2007

Ryan told me and Jen this on Monday, and I didn't get to it because I had another thought planned, so I figured I'd do this one today, and today's tomorrow. Hopefully nothing special happens tomorrow.

And in other news, I update M² again, so click on that and observe its colorful beauty! It's me! In color! And I'll be updating it tomorrow, too–just because I can! Woo, I'm a sketching fiend!

Oh, and as for what I did today? I chillaxed with some buds at the mall. We saw Shaun of the Dea–I mean Hot Fuzz! It was really cool, and though some of the action scenes weren't amazing, I really really liked it. So go see it if you like British humor.

PS. The update problems are fixed now? Awesome!

PSS. I got this kickass piece of FANART by Sweetninja566–you should check out her webcomic, “Patch's Revenge,” or any of her other works! (Also, there's a rumor spreading she's making me ANOTHER little something? What a dedicated artist!)

Edit: I added a little texture on Jen's skirt for the heck of it, and I also almost forgot Ryan's emo aura at the end! Good thing I remembered!

Day 61

May 2, 2007

Man, yeah, Mark's probably the coolest 21-year-old I've ever met. He's nice, he's quiet, and he's straight to the point, so I kinda paid him homage in this episode.

The whole group was Mark, Me, Ryan, Rebecca, and Jen. I didn't really include me or Jen, because I wanted to get the point across that Mark was kinda the “hero” of the group, and how he picked us all up from our houses so we didn't have to go to school.

This one was late. Like, an hour late. I left it ‘till the last minute, and I had a whole bunch of fun getting distracted by American Idol, and that freaking beatboxing guy. Man, now I want to learn how to do that.

Also, thanks for all the kind words over the last few days. All you new readers and old, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your readership, so thanks!

And there's the news for today! I've got to get some sleep, because I'm running low on steam. Cya guys tomorrow.

Day 62

May 3, 2007

This is actually a tribute strip to my friend Acadia's new semi-autobiographical webcomic “and Id.” (particularly this strip) He wanted to call it just “Id,” but Drunk Duck has those funny requirements!

Anyway, not much to report today… a nice and slow and calm day. Just the kind I like.

Day 63

May 4, 2007

There was a BUNCH of stuff I was going to say. Sadly, I didn't write it all down and now I've forgotten it. Let's see if it comes back to me while I'm writing this.

First: I really like making comics in color. I had a bunch of extra time, and I figured it'd be cool if I made the fantasy world a little more… beautiful. So I did that.

Second: This is kinda a two-parter. Tomorrow's strip will also take place in the fantasy world… it just won't be too colorful.

Third: Oh look! JeepChan finally updated.

Fourth: I added a little Mediocre Militia button under the comments box. I'll probably make it bigger, but click on it to see what everyone over there is doing right now.

Fifth: I can't remember. I'm off to e-mail my teacher.

I'll add more if it comes to mind! Talk to you guys later!

EDIT: OH HO HO HO HO!! I just remembered! I didn't remember yesterday was THURSDAY and I forgot to remind you all The Offic and Scrubs were on! I hope you all watched them because they were awesome! JD wants to get back together with Elliot? Dammit, didn't they go through this the past 4 seasons? Ah well… it makes it more interesting!

And The Office was funny, too. There's this part where Michael doesn't know if Jan is right for him, and what'sherface says “sometimes you've got to work through the hard parts,” and Pam is like “uh, uh bitch, usually they're just not right for each other,” and I'm like WOAH! BITCH SMACKDOWN!

It was awesome. I literally said “oh shit” out loud.

Day 64

May 5, 2007

I probably should've colored this one, just for the continuous effect, but I thought it spoke for itself. Just imagine this one really pretty.

And apparently I'm a very mean PVPer on MMOs. I don't know what gets into me, but when I'm on a Faction Server no freakin' Elves are getting into my outpost!

So, yeah. I was busy playing online games today. That why it's not in color.

Oh, and woah guys! Lookit all these new readers! Hi new readers! Everyone say hi! Thanks for stopping by new readers! Hope you enjoy it!

Cya tomorrow guys.

Day 65

May 6, 2007

Did you guys know yesterday's strip was page 75?


So, this is one of the things I'm worried might happen to this comic if I don't stay on top of things. It might become repetitive. I don't want that, you don't want that, we don't want that. It's sad that life is repetitive… I just have to pay really close attention to the little details in like to make sure I can differentiate through the days.

PS, we've got two guest appearances in today's strip. The first is Fern's, derived from his avatar/profile pic, and why did I choose to put him in today's? Well, that because I've got page 97 over at his collaboration thing, One Third Of Your Life Is Spent Sleeping, One Third Of Your Life Is Spent Working, and Half Of One Third Is Spent Waiting; The Question Is It Really Your Life? So, uh, visit that long-assed title'd comic and enjoy my abstractness.

The second cameo is none other than “The New Luciefer”'s Zac. Why'd I put him in there? I dunno. Maybe I just wanted to add a heart exclamation mark.

Day 66

May 7, 2007

I like these; the short and sweet ones. I get my point across in one or two panels, and that's the best way to do it. No long, drawn-out point.

(In case you don't get this, Simon is a little effeminate, so we all assumed he's gay. I'm pretty sure Jen is right.)

As for news? Not much today! It's Monday, and us up here have STAR testing all week. Luckily, I've never been afraid of stuff like that, so I'll do fine and get to come home extra early (in time to see Spiderman 3, maybe?).

As per yesterday's update, I got a lot of those “draw this comic for yourself” comments. I appreciate that. I do make these for myself, but I don't make these for myself at the same time. If I made these for myself I wouldn't be uploading them to the internet. I want you guys to enjoy them just as much as I do, and I want a lot of people to enjoy them, so I have to keep that in mind while writing/drawing them. I don't just scribble down thoughts on paper… some actual planning goes into these. I think that's a good thing.

Hope you guys feel the same way.

Checkya guys later, and thanks for all the comments/critiques!

EDIT: Shaun, the writer of Applied Living, sent me this nifty MS Paint guest art thinggy. Anyway, it's in response to yesterday's comment, located at this here page.

Day 67

May 8, 2007

I liked the way this one turned out… and it only took, like, 15 minutes to draw, too! Lucky me!

So yeah. I'm doing STAR testing this week. I'm fine with STAR testing. I'm fine with the 800-some questions daily, and the crappy little snack-pauses filled with crappy little snacks. I'm fine with not being allowed to bring my ipod to class on account of the fact I might cheat. I'm fine. Period.

Oh, and guys, I'm #7 in the comic strips! That's crazy! That's maniacal! That's absurd! That's awesome! I couldn't've gotten this far without my readers (duh)! Thank you guys all for your support, and your 1,600-some comments thus far! Woo!

Day 68

May 9, 2007

I'm uploading this ahead of schedule, and scheduling it to go live later tonight because I'm'a catch a few extra “Z”s.

For those who don't know, STAR testing is kinda an aptitude test that tells you what you know, how smart you are (not like an IQ test), and what you don't know. They use them to determine what classes you'll take the next year, and if you're smart enough, whether you're allowed to take AP (or, advanced placement) classes.

I've been in AP English since Freshman year. Maybe I'll get in AP English for Junior year, too.

And that's about it! I'm not sure of my position on the DD #'s tonight. I know after the server rolled over I went down to #9, but then today I got more hits than yesterday, so maybe I'll skip back up to 7. Who knows.

Thanks for all your guys' support and comments–I'll see you all tomorrow!

Edit: Upon returning from home I found a few people to have gotten the “I took a nap early yesterday,” and some people taking it a little too far, implying masturbation. Since that's not what I was going for, I figured I'd fix it. I don't like fixing these, because it makes them no longer original, but if not everyone is understanding it correctly, that's surely correctable.

Day 69

May 10, 2007

Hee hee. Day 69.

Hey. Have you guys seen Crazy Duck yet? Because if you haven't I think you should head over there and familiarize yourselves with CD's characters. Why you might ask? Because I made him a guest comic, which will be up within the month!

So check that out.

As for this strip. Yeah. Speaks for itself!

I tried a new inking technique, and I think it looks really clean. Very clean. Amazingly clean to be more precise.

Also, I uploaded a sketch over on M², and you should check out this link, or the pretty pink button under the comment box.

Alright! Off to watch The Office, Scrubs, and My Name is Earl, respectively.

Day 70

Allan on May 11, 2007

I was totally, utterly, and completely satisfied with Spiderman 3. In fact I was more than satisfied. I was entertained. Yes!

I heard so many poor reviews, and I still can't understand why it got them. I mean, sure it's not EXACT TO THE COMIC BOOK AND SOME STUFF HAS BEEN CHANGED, but I mean come on you guys. It's a movie. Take it leave it.

The graphics rocked. I read one person hated them. What the hell? Do you not like good graphics? Were you expecting something like Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within? Because if you were, shut up. This isn't that movie. They're not taking 2 years to render this bad boy. Sorry if you're not satisfied with awesome action scenes.

I liked (maybe even loved) everything about it. Thank you. Thank you very much Spiderman. Thank you for being there for good movies for me. I've enjoyed you very much.

Best scene, though?

Make sure to check out Mediocre Militia tonight. There's a good chance I might do a Spiderman thing, there.

Also, for all who are wondering: yes. I am over 9,000.

EDIT: I strongly suggest going to now. I have a few things there you guys might like.


Day 71

Allan on May 13, 2007

I got home at like 10 the next morning. Funny thing is was my parents were mad at me.

Jen's parents, on the other hand, were rather understanding. I assume they called mine and told them where I was, and that got mine worried, and they stopped fighting. Funny how things work out.

Sorry for the lack of update last night. Luckily I had Kez's, still. Thank god for the world wide web.

And, uh, sorry for the late update? I wasn't really allowed on the computer today seeing as how I “ran away from home.”

Oh, and to all you mothers out there: happy mother's day.


Day 72

Allan on May 14, 2007

…on a separate note, I really like how this page came out. Especially that 2nd panel.

Thanks for all the nice comments about yesterday's comic. I appreciate it. And yeah: Jen's parents were really awesome.

Check ya all later.


Day 73

Allan on May 15, 2007

I figured the phrase “you totally get me” goes against everything any teenager has in them… so I wrote it there to make my point.

So, my pageviews have gone down a whole lot since I was featured. This was to be expected, surely. It doesn't even matter to me that I'm no longer in the top 10. Really. I don't mind.

Why don't I mind? Because I've got an awesome fanbase. You guys are awesome. I haven't seen any other drunkduckers (so far) that have responded so productively to any other comics as you have mine. That really makes me feel good.

I'm content with my readership, and my readers. Thank you all so much.

PS. My friend Heccubus needs more readers like you guys. Go visit his Son of Human Prey.


Day 74

Allan on May 17, 2007

This one's late… sorry about that.

Still working out some bugs with my computer… I'll tell you when I get it fully functioning.


Day 75

Allan on May 18, 2007

Just something I was thinking about…

…how did they get all the way through Disney's “Tarzan” without making a single loincloth joke?


Day 76

Allan on May 19, 2007

Seriously… I don't like watching reality TV or gameshows… but that's all that seems to be on these days.

EDIT: Guest comic for Crazy Duck went up early! Go check that out!


Day 77

Allan on May 20, 2007

Yeah. I really didn't like those commercials, and thanks to some kid singing it around my school it's stuck back in my head…

…lime in the coke you nut…

Sorry for the late update!


Day 78

Allan on May 21, 2007

It's true, I've been working more on my homework lately, and less on my fun. I just want to finish my sophomore year on a high note.

…that's also why these author's notes haven't been as extensive.

I know you guys understand!


Day 79

Allan on May 22, 2007

Man. What do I need hair for anyway? I guess going bald will keep me out of those annoying haircuts.

PS. Check out M2 either today or tomorrow, because I'm going to have a sketch or two up there on either of those days! But for now, I have more chores and homework to do.


Day 80

Allan on May 24, 2007

Sorry for missing yesterday's update… some things came up. Anyway, this is what is up for today's!

The “L” Word!


Day 81

Allan on May 25, 2007

Yeah. It's good, but not as good. I think the premise has kind've led downhill since the material became stale and overused. Still, I liked it.

And that dream sequence? That was freaky.



Day 82

Allan on May 26, 2007

I was trying to think of a comic to make for the day when I was singing “Stolen” by Dashboard Confessional, and I couldn't. So I wrote about that.

Note: It's not the listening to music when drawing comics that's hard, it's the singing along with it and focusing on lyrics.

Also, check out, since I uploaded something that took me a little while.


Day 83

Allan on May 29, 2007

I really have been taking guitar lessons. A really stupid thing to start up near the end of the year, though. Now I've got chores, school, friends, AND musical instruments.


Day 84

Allan on May 29, 2007

This explains why I've missed updates occasionally, recently. Also, I figured to make it up to you guys I'd double-update. So that's what I did.


I am swamped in life though. Maybe I'll make a comic out of that.


Day 85

Allan on May 30, 2007

Seriously. I had to draw this with just a regular, old, crappy, stupid, boring, plain, not ball-point pen! It sucks!

I got some cool fan art from sux the other day. It's here.

As for notes… no time! More work! Be back later!


Day 86

Allan on May 31, 2007

Insert the obligatory emo comment if you must.

Part 1 of 2 maybe? I dunno!

I love coloring my comics… especially when the colors have something to do with the point I'm trying to make. This one worked out well.

In other news, I'm not an Anchorman… so I can't use those words. But what I can tell you is: I know I've been missing a few updates recently… mostly due to life. I usually try to make them up. Anyway, when I miss one I've come up with a way to tell you why or why not. You guys can comment or respond if you wish, but I've got a thread up in the forum. It's located here.

Around Day 100 I'm also going to ask for your guys' honest opinion on a book… but let's let that wait until Day 100.

Cya guys tomorrow! Emo, emo, emo!

PS: Check out Mediocre Militia. I uploaded something cool you guys might like!


Day 87

Allan on June 1, 2007

Part 2 of 2! The Phases of Artists. I took some of your guys' phases you commented about yesterday, and applied them to this, so I wonder if whoever commented can get theirs out of this.

And this is my 100th PAGE, but not my 100th Day, so I'm not going to count it as my personal 100th day. That'll be in about 2 weeks!

Also, I would've upload this on time, but I got busy watching TELEVISION! Thank electricity for TELEVISION!

Talk to you guys later (maybe more notes to come)!


Day 88

Allan on June 3, 2007

Let me clarify: This dude sayin' “Yo home deezy” is a random story. I guess. I dunno. It's a comic. Take it or leave it, hah!


Day 89

Allan on June 3, 2007

Let me clarify: me and Jen have been so busy with homework we haven't been hanging out after school much.

Also, I missed yesterday's update, so I uploaded 2 pages today. Go back one to see it!

ALSO! I hate these two strips. They look awful. But I was in a rush. Sorry.

ALSO ALSO! Check out the forum to see why I missed yesterday's update. It's that button just above this post. Click it and find the most recent post by me. It'll tell you why.

Edit: I just updated MM. I think you guys might like it.


Day 90

Allan on June 8, 2007

I had this one finished late last night, but I didn't get a chance to upload it. Sorry it's so amazingly late! 

(Tonight's and tomorrow's might be late as well.)


Day 91

Allan on June 10, 2007

Note: I meant draw well.

One more week of school–then I can get back to no more late updates!

EDIT: If you're reading this, you're probably wondering where I'm at. Well. Currently, I'm at the library on account of a blatant lack of computer. That's right. My computer died. It sucks. I sent it back in to get repaired, and they gave it back. And it works! However, the next day I turned it on and I got a blue screen saying Windows was corrupted. So now every time I turned it on it was blue! I couldn't make comics with a frozen, blue screen! So we're in the market for a new computer. We should have one by the end of next week, if not by the middle of next week. Thanks for your guys' continuous support in wondering where I am and whatnot, and thanks to Tweebus for making me that little sketch on the left. I'll keep on making comics as soon as I get my computer back!


Day 92

Allan on July 10, 2007

Wow. I've been gone for what, now? A month? Three weeks? I think I said a month. Close enough! Two weeks is too long in itself, let alone a MONTH! Don't worry guys, I'm back now and you can stop praying to heathen gods for my swift return.

So, this one is like twice as long, and I'll have the next few explain the whole story as to why I was gone in a more expansive detail than that which is displayed here.

Also: Notice anything different about the new scanner? Any better quality? The lines aren't quite as hard, because I don't have to use the “threshold” command anymore! I like it.

And let's all thank my friend Drew(tastic) for helping me out so much over these past few days. For someone who doesn't make comics, he's really good at making comics!

So I'm back! Tell your friends! Link me! Spread the word! I've got to recover from my absence, so anything you guys could say would really help!

Thanks a bunch everyone… now I've got about 500 comics to catch up on! More comics tomorrow!


Day 93

Allan on July 11, 2007

Yeah, so I've got a job. My “uncle” just recently opened this Deli, and my mom talked with him and he said he needed some help, so she “volunteered” me. I agreed because I had nothing better to do. Plus $7.75 an hour isn't bad for roughly 20 hours a week, especially for a 15-year-old.

So I've got some money, and I'm loving spending it! I get to buy stuff now. Especially for Jen, who's really appreciative whenever I buy her something like a bikini top… plus I get to see it on her.

I really like using these pens I'm using now… other's, like Dave (Acadia) from ApL might not like it because it's thicker and darker, but these ultrafine sharpies give a really cool feel. Thank my friend Drew(tastic) for recommending them!

Any other news? Uhh, not right now. Maybe later. Thanks for all you guys for still reading after all this time. Really means a lot to me that I've got great fans like all'a youse!


Day 94

Allan on July 12, 2007

Yep. I saw it. I liked it, too. Lots of amazing graphical explosions and moving parts… you couldn't even tell HOW they were transforming, because everything just kinda jumbled together. The best explanation for how they transformed was the All Spark, which just kinda compacted into itself. That's right. It's a brick, and it compressed into itself like it was… not a brick.

Anyway, I liked it. I'll probably see it again. More tomorrow!

PS. I updated MM, so check it out!


Day 95

Allan on July 13, 2007

The art in this one isn't up to par, but I guess you're not here for my artistic abilities, you're here for my writing? Or maybe a couple of doses of both… who knows?


And uhh, I'm kinda tired, so I'm gunna hit they hay early tonight, I'll sock you guys up with some news and stuff tomorrow night.


Day 96

Allan on July 14, 2007

A couple Health Food Nuts have come into my Delicatessen and asked for a sandwich without bread. Now, I know what they want, they want a lettuce wrap, but… I mean… come on! That's sacrilegious to the sandwich! Just like ordering a sandwich with Miracle Whip rather than Mayo (I know some people will disagree on that one with me) it just shouldn't be done.

Where's the carbs?! Where's the girth? Why not just go home and grab a piece of lettuce and meat and eat that?? Slap some Miracle Whip on there if you want to… maybe a piece of cheese–who knows? Be creative!

Just don't ask me to vigilantly tear up the fabric from which every sandwich was based upon!–because I won't do it happily.

As for news:

Daniel_the_Drummer (you might or might not know him) wanted me to mention that he's got a preview of his new strip Shark Brain which apparently will be amazing! 

Also, I recently found The Adventures of Vindibudd, Superhero in Training, and I suggest you give it a check-up if you haven't already. Whoever else likes comedies about superheroes and floppy pancakes should like this one.

Thanks for all the comments yesterday, guys! I know yesterday's wasn't particularly drawn well (I don't like it at all) and most of you will agree with me, but you can't win ‘em all, right? That’s what I get for sacrificing those other penciled drawings!


EDIT: For some reason I couldn't upload this last night. I'm not sure why… I don't think anyone could upload their comics last night…

EDIT AGAIN: I made a new banner image thing up at the top of the page. It's bigger than the one before and much more complicated. I'm not sure it fits the whole “style” of the layout, so you guys tell me what you think.


Day 97

Allan on July 15, 2007

Yesterday's update updated twice because of the bug from yesterday. Don't blame me.

Also, new banner up there, simpler than the other new one, but a little more detailed than my first one. The other new one.

Aaaaand that's it. Here's Rob in a comic.


Day 98

Allan on July 16, 2007

I should go to sleep, but first I've got an announcement!

I am going on an unexpected road trip tomorrow! Woo!–for five days, on top of that!

“But oh no!” you're thinking… “Will Allan still update?!”

Yeah sure. Just today I pulled out 5 “mini-strips” from kind of a stream of consciousness POV. So, yes, over the next 5 days (after today) you'll see 5 mini strips. They're single-paneled questions I ask myself, and then go: “Wait, I know why,” and just leave them for you to read.

Talk to you guys in 5 days!


Day 99

Allan on July 17, 2007


Wouldn't THAT be a weird offspring? Think about it… butter-fly.

…oily. Gross.


Day 100

Allan on July 18, 2007


Day 100! Woo!–and me not even here to enjoy it with all of you! I'll be sure to sketch up something special for when I get back!

PS. I know you guys were expecting dandelions someday!